Top Best Car maker’s mobile apps

You could find a number of mobile applications which could prove handy for your car. These include Google Maps, Yelp, Pandora, etc. Unfortunately, these are simply used via your smartphone devices hence could prove risky while using them during driving your vehicles. You may not want to check the weather while driving your car over the bridge. However, there are few car makers who have started adding up useful mobile apps to their dashboards. The leading manufacturers like Ford, Mercedes, Toyota and General Motors have now embarked with several apps in their innovative vehicles and thus added qualitative improvement in their performance. With these apps you can operate your cars with a single click. Some of the top best car maker’s mobile apps are as under:



This is a mobile application from Mercedes-Benz from iPad and iPhone devices. iSales was created basically to attract young consumers. It acts like a virtual showroom and renders you complete information about different Mercedes Benz’s products to its consumers. The various details which you can find from iSales include the number of offers on latest technology which are available over for various models and accessories. The consumers could even get to see several finance options to buy various cars from this brand.

My Ford App

This is among the most innovative kind of application which is meant for Android based phones and iPhone devices for Ford EV. My Ford App helps you in checking battery levels of your Ford EV along with monitoring its power as well. Your driving experience becomes comfortable as you can instruct your car from any distance. You have the option of turning on and off your heater before you actually even enter or exit your Ford EV. This can therefore help you in maintaining an ambient kind of temperature inside your car and thus make your driving experience enjoyable. You could find several more number of applications in the coming future as the company is working on other apps as well.

Audi Mobile Car Configurator

This is basically an iPhone application which helps you to configure your cars. You can find some good array of features in this application along with having a nice design. The users of Audi Mobile Car Configurator can even configure their car and share it with some other users of this application. You can even configure via different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The users are now able to save their configuration in a PDF format and take away a printout of it while visiting any car seller.


This application is available on App store for iPad and iPhone devices. MyChevrolet offers you all the details on all the Chevrolet models, which were released since 1990. The useful information offered via this application includes dealer locations, owner manuals, service schedules, etc. You can even watch a couple of videos pertaining to Chevrolet cars which are stored over this application itself.

BMW Magazine App

It is an electronic version of its magazine for the iPad users. BMW magazine is an official newsletter of BMW for its customers. This application renders them all the information pertaining to different BMW products. The BMW Magazine App has a number of videos, photos, and sound files based on different BMW products. It has an inbuilt feature called Mobile Car Configurator, which helps you in customizing your car as per your requirements.

Final word

There are several automobile manufacturers who are now considering the changing preferences of modern day consumers by developing such mobile apps. These apps help the consumers in many ways including allowing them to buy cars using their cell phone devices. The above said mobile applications are presently used in a number of luxury cars.

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