Top 6 Apps Perfect for Environmentalists

Technology, especially smartphone technology has made our lives a lot easier.  And if it stopped at easy, that would be that, we can say that it has actually made our lives all the more productive. But just because our lives have improved does not mean that we have no obligations elsewhere. Being a part of the planet, and that too being part of the more informed and educated lot, it is our own responsibility to make sure that we do as much as we can to lead eco-friendly lives.

Thanks to smartphones, we can now get a hold of all sorts of apps that actually help us make conscious decisions to curb our lives towards more environmental friendly practices. In order to get you started, here are six top apps for your phone to boost your enthusiasm.

1.       GreenCan

The first step is to recycle your trash. Instead of being too lazy to locate a recycling depot or spot, you can just locate the nearest one to you with the help of this app. The app then uses whatever user data it accumulates to give the local community feedback as to where such points are most needed.

2.       Recycle Bank

Recycling can also be a game, especially if you have this app aboard your smartphone. With this users can provide information on what they have done as a part of recycling measures and gain points for them. They can later track their points and avail certain rewards with those points too.

3.       EcoCharge

This app is to help you save energy, and most importantly, avoid energy wastage. All of us are guilty of leaving our phones, tablets, and laptops on charging when the batteries are full. This app sounds alerts so you can unplug devices and cut down on unnecessary energy consumption.

4.       GoodGuide

This app is a must for those who are conscious of making environmentally friendly purchases. It allows you to browse profiles of various products and companies regarding their social, environmental, and health performances. Additionally the app is a bar scanner and users can get extra info on a products nutritional and energy value. In other words, eat green!

5.       ecoFootprint

This app allows users to calculate their overall carbon and water footprints all in one place. Additionally, there is a section which educates users how to ‘improve your result’ and offers tips that cut down environmental hazards created by you.

6.       iViro

This app can be used to perform a specific energy analysis of your home and living spaces. With this app users can obtain a detailed profile of their home’s heat, cooling, electricity, water, and appliance energy consumptions with their annual cost and carbon dioxide emissions estimates. The app offers tips and guides to cut down on both too.

Hopefully with these apps on your phone you can start carving out a lifestyle which is not only more efficient and healthy for you but also benefits the environment around you. Of course, before downloading any other aps (because there are a plethora of other ‘green apps’ available) make sure you install some anti-cell phone spyware or anti-keylogger software. No point in losing your privacy in all too eager attempts to save the planet.

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