Top 5 unusual gadgets

It is time to some unusual gadgets. After spending some time online searching for the newest and strangest gadgets I have found the Edmund Scientific shop where I discovered some cool devices that I want to share with you.

Here it is the Top 5 unusual gadgets.

1. Flying Alarm Clock


This gadget seems very funny and it is if don’t use it to woke up in the morning. The flying alarm clock will certainly wake you up in the morning: when the alarm goes on, the plastic propeller starts to fly and you will have to wake up catch it and return it to the clock base.

The price for this unusual clock is $24.95.

2. Levitating Globe


The levitating globe will improve the aspect of any home or office. The globe is realty a hi tech device. It uses a magnetic field sensor to measure and adjust the distances between it’s elements. You can buy it online for $99.95.

3. Carnivorous Creations


If your dreams was to grow meat eating plants you can achieve it. Carnivorous Creations contains seeds of 10 varieties of carnivorous plants. The kit include Cobra Plant, Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, Trumpet Plant and more. This carnivore plant collection can be yours for $24.95.

4. Nebula Plasma Ball


Nebula Plasma belt uses both science and art to create hard to forget light shows. You can just admire the light show,but if you want something extra you can place your fingers above the ball and the colored bolts of glowing light will follow your moves. This gadget price $39.95.

5. Spy Watch XP-6


With this gadgets everyone can become a spy. The XP-6 loks lke a regular watch but has secret functions:

  • World time and stopwatch capabilities will help you coordinate with a partner
  • Motion alarm with time stamp to track any intruder
  • 2 secret capsules for transferring messages
  • Pop-up night scope with built in magnifying lens for night vision
  • Focused LED beam to distract your opponents

The price for the Spy Watch XP-6 is $14.95.

All the prices are from

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  1. Cool, added you to my blogroll. Only started this blog recently so hopefully come the next PR update it will bump up a fair amount.

  2. those were all pretty awesome but my favorite is the flying alarm clock…haha…would have saved me from sleeping in during college when I would just roll over and smash the alarm

  3. That’s a great idea – a flying alarm clock! This would be very useful to me as I’m always hitting the snooze button. I need to find creative ways to force me to get up. Were can I get one?

  4. What a cool little gadget. The “pop-up nightscope” is probably worth the $15 by itself! I bet this is a lot of fun 🙂

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