Top 5 security technologies for the home

If you were to write a list of the worst things that could happen to you or your family then being burgled will sit pretty high up, the small losses that you may face after a burglary is nothing compared to the emotional and psychological effects such a crime can have you.

Many people report that in the aftermath of a robbery they can become prisoners to their own home, they can face months or years of anxiousness and can develop a security complex, but thanks to modern technology this doesn’t have to be the case.

The challenge for any would-be criminal ios to find the weak point of your home security and to exploit it, your duty is to eliminate these areas of weakness. So when it comes to thinking about the areas of your home that might be most at risk and the security you need, why not check out the top 5 home security technologies currently on the market:

Infrared Sensors – Starting at the perimeter of your property is always a good place, by installing state of the art infrared sensors you can be alerted as soon as anybody breaks the invisible beam. These products are useful if you have a large area to cover as models such as those sold by Big Brother Systems have a range of 150m.

Security Lights- Although a large number of burglaries occur in the day when you are out, the night offers good protection for those committing the crimes, having a well lit home is a vital deterrent to have. Of the lights currently on the market, exterior security lights are the most common, the provide a well lit sanctuary for you when you are arriving home late and looking for the key and lights with a built in sensor can startle a potential intruder as they light up an area when disturbed, having one of these on both the front and the rear of your property can act as a deterrent. As for internal lights you can by an array of timers to attach to the plug of your existing lamps meaning they go on and off as you choose and a fake television light will flicker through the night to give the impression that the house is lived in whilst you are away.

Fingerprint and Keypad Technology – One of the more futuristic products on the market, but fingerprint technology is becoming more and more popular. At present there is a large selection of door locks that require the used to either a fingerprint or a unique passcode to gain access, these lock are built into doors and cannot be ‘picked’ like a traditional lock offering the best security.

Smart Cameras – Smart cameras are proving very popular at the moment and with ultra-sleek designs you can monitor and record any unwanted activity in or on your property. Such is the development in these cameras, it is now possible for you to monitor your home remotely so you can check in at any time via your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Safes – No matter what security systems you put in place it is impossible to guarantee that you property or premises will be totally secure, as a last line of defence one of the best things to invest in is your very own safe. There are a whole range of safes on the market and if properly bolted to the floor or a wall they will prove very difficult to remove or open, especially for an unprepared a, opportunist thief. Then other main benefit of having a safe fitted is that insurance companies will often guard you against any losses.

By Gail Newland

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