Top 5 Mobile Apps For Fishing

At first glance, fishing might seem like a weird thing for a smartphone mobile app to be designed for, but obviously not everyone thinks so. The surprisingly large number of fishing-related smartphone apps for both iPhone and Android are testaments to this. Simply put, if you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’re in luck. Below are 5 of the very best mobile apps for fishing.

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Animated Fishing Knots

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then there is no doubt that you know of the importance of a good knot. Luckily, the Animated Fishing Knots mobile app has you covered. It contains information on over 20 different fishing knots (with more being added all of the time). A how-to animation, a video of the step by step process, and pictures of the finished knot are available for each one.

Fly Fishing Reporter

Finding the best fly fishing streams can be tricky sometimes, especially when you’re on-the-go and in a totally new location. That’s where the Fly Fishing Reporter mobile app comes in. It offers up-to-the-minute information on the best trout streams in the United States. Some of the key regions highlighted include California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, and Montana. The app even integrates Google Maps so that you can find your fishing locations with ease.

iSolar Hunting & Fishing Times

Currently available only on iOS, the iSolar Hunting & Fishing Times iPhone app is as good as they come in the fishing world. It not only shows you where the best streams are but gives you the best time of day and time of year to fish them. It gives you the best times to start fishing based on data collected from a number of satellites that monitor fish feeding and activity times. All of this useful information is displayed in easy-to-understand tables.


Another nifty fishing-based mobile app for iOS, Fishmate tracks the phases of the moon and its position to estimate the best possible times for fishing. It takes the feeding and activity levels of hundreds of species of fish into close consideration. It also readily relays the latest weather reports and even gives you specific tips for fishing at specific streams, lakes, or ponds.

Flick Fishing

Using mobile apps for fishing isn’t only about finding the latest and greatest fishing information – it’s also about having a fun time! And fun is exactly what Flick Fishing is all about. It won’t help you fish any better but it will give you the means to have a great time on the way to the stream. It’s a super fun mobile fishing game that arms you with 9 different types of bait and pits you against dozens of unique species of fish in over 7 realistic fishing locations.

If you’re a fan of fishing, then the top 5 mobile apps for fishing that are listed above are for you. They will help you tie better knots, find the best fishing spots, cast off at the right time, and have a little fun to boot.

The author Peter Hill is a keen fisherman, and has two of the top iphone apps featured in this article on his mobile.

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