Top 5 High Tech Gadgets For Your Office You'll Love

Let’s face it: time spent at the office can occasionally be a drag. But if you have the following high-tech gadgets at your disposal, you might find that your workstation is a more enjoyable place to be.

Virtual Keyboard

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Virtual Keyboard

If physical keyboards are a little too drab for your tastes, purchase a virtual keyboard. To set it up, you simply place a small, wireless device on your desk. Turn it on, and a keyboard appears on your desktop – it looks like something from the movie "Tron." Sensors identify the "keys" that you "type." And some laser keyboards even make a clicking sound each time you strike a key, just for old times’ sake.

USB Cup Warmer

If you simply must have a hot cup of tea or coffee by your side as you work, consider getting a USB Cup Warmer. This pad uses your computer or laptop as a power source; a red LED light goes on to indicate when the product’s operational. Such a cup warmer is light and highly portable, and will keep your beverage at a temperature between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you’ll never again be annoyed by chilly sips when you’re typing away.

Ultimate Geek Pen

Ultimate geeks deserve no less than the Ultimate Geek Pen from Archie McPhee. This is a ballpoint pen as Q, the inventor from the James Bond series, might design it. It includes a laser pointer, stylus tip, flashlight, and backlight – handy for when the electricity is out.

USB-Powered Humidifier

The air inside many offices is not high in quality. In fact, it can be germ-ridden and stagnant. To facilitate your work-time breathing, and to help you avoid dry skin, obtain a small humidifier, one powered by USB. You can bring these gadgets with you when you’re on the road, too; they can make hotel rooms more pleasant. Many such humidifiers are on the market, and some of them are surprisingly sleek and stylish.

Panel Mount Computer

Finally, one of the most convenient, and exciting, kinds of computers available is the panel mount computer. You can find such computers for sale at If your workspace offers little room, panel computers will let you maximize that space. These computers can be fitted into a wall or other surface so that they’re flush with that surface. They combine in one unit the computer, the screen and the means of interfacing.

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