Top 5 Guitar Apps For iPhone and iPad

Those whose passion is music, can’t live without it any single day. And, if you’re a musician, the iPhone definitely has something for you. Here are top 5 various apps that guitarists find useful and fun. And even for those who has never held the guitar in his hands, it’s definitely something new. So, instead of taking the guitar with you everywhere and downloading the soft to your PC, try this:

1. Pocket Guitar. It makes a guitar on your iPhone or iPad touch. You can see the strings and actually treat it like a real guitar. There are 6 instruments mode: Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Muted Guitar, Electric Bass and Ukulele, and several sound effects.


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2. Guitar Jam Tracks. The developers claim that via this app you can practice jamming, learning the Pentatonic scale. You also can try soloing up to 5 sounding jam tracks. The users share their best feedback and appreciate that it’s a really important tool. Well, it explains why the app has over 250,000 users worldwide.


3. AmpliTube Slash – especially for Guns n’ Roses fans! This is one of the apps that has really high quality sound. The best amps of Slash are available in your pocket, including Marshall JCM Silver Jubilee and the Marshal AFD100. But it’s not all the app can offer you, there are also six various virtual guitar pedals.

4. Songster Guitar Tabs. This one is not for that entertainment but for the real practice. The app provides access to downloading the half of a million guitar and bass tabs, with a playback feature included. You can change the instrument and single out the separate track, or even download the songs to practice offline. The Wall Street Journal called it the one of the best apps for learning to play music.

5. Jam Up Pro XT – Amp Effects Processor. The app can offer you a big collection of stomp box effects and different simulated cabinet sounds. You can additionally purchase 30 stomp box effects, 36 amp simulations, and an 8-track recorder. Moreover, it contains a tuner and a metronome. A definite good deal.

So, as you can see, there are a wide variety of apps for guitarists. The ones should be chosen depending on your need. Some of them will do for everyone, even not musicians as aimed at entertainment. In the same time, there’s a real opportunity to master their skills for the guitar players. So, pick the app which suits the best and make the steps towards the perfect guitar playing!

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