Top 5 google gadgets

Top 5 google gadgets:

  • Weather gadget
  • Top 5 google gadgets 1
    View weather for multiple cities. Displays the current weather conditions, including the forecast for today and tomorrow.

  • Google Gadgets Calendar
  • Top 5 google gadgets 2

    Be able to see the current date and a whole month right at a glance. The date is automatically set to your system calendar. Click on expand button to toggle the calendar on/off. You can change the month displayed by using the arrow button to go forward or backward. You can change the color of the calendar face from a selection of 8 delicious shades with the color button.

  • Dictionary gadget
  • Top 5 google gadgets 3

    The plugin checks system clipboard every 300 ms, if find any text less than 128 chars it will lookup in web. If you enable notifier, it will notify when result returned.
    So if you want look up any word when reading web page, just select it and Ctrl-C to copy it to system clipboard and go on reading, then find result in sidebar after notification.

  • Day/Night World Clock
  • Top 5 google gadgets 4

    Watch any town from satellite view, as the day and night changes! All of this on the face of a stylish analogue clock!

  • System stats gadget
  • Top 5 google gadgets 5

    Computer usage statistics at a glance: stats about your CPU (Central Processing Unit), memory, wireless signal and battery. Click ‘Options’ in the gadget menu for interface settings. 

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