Top 5 Gadgets For Parents Of A Newborn Baby

Getting organised for the new arrival is like packing for the biggest most complex holiday of a lifetime and during this time it provides us with any excuse to buy new gadgets. You’ve just bought all that new nursery furniture with endless amounts of storage space so a few new gadgets should take care of this.

1. HD camcorder – Record the baby milestones in high-definition as these will be played back for many years to come. You can also capture all of those special moments as and when they happen and burn them to disc to send to friends and family. Posting videos on Facebook using the software which is usually bundled is relatively simple and really effective.

2. Pushchairs – Buying a pushchair for the first time is like buying a new car so make sure it’s loaded with gadgets and all of your needs are met before proudly wheeling it out of the shop doors. Write a simple list of your requirements and check that your selection ticks all the boxes ensuring it’s versitiale and robust.

3. Web Cam – The purchase of a web cam to use on Skype to keep friends and family updated is a great idea. Especially when getting out of the house is a big struggle in those first few months.

web cam

4. Baby Glow Sleepwear – Baby suits and sleepwear that changes colours the moment your baby gets too hot. If your baby has a fever it can be helpful to see if they have a raised temperature by simply having a quick look. They also change back to their original colour when normal temperature is reached.

5. Digital Video Baby Monitor – Use digital technology to see and hear your little baby at all times. Most good video monitors use infrared for night vision and low light conditions. Some even have facility to attach a music device such as an iPod to soothe your baby back to sleep with your chosen downloadable lullaby melodies. The transportable hand unit allows 100-200 metres distance from the monitor, ensuring you can carry on with your daily tasks which allows you to have peace of mind.

baby monitor

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  1. I am expecting a baby real soon

  2. Cool list. I especially like the digital baby monitor, it’s a great device and makes life much easier.

  3. Thanks for this list, brilliant items. I wouldn’t be without my baby monitor, it’s audio only. So the video baby monitor is brilliant, I will look into this. Also the babycam is great too. I have friends in Australia so constantly Skyping and the Webcam keeps us connected.

  4. I’m having a baby boy next month. Thanks for the tips!

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