Top 5 Dental Health Gadgets

The world of dentistry is constantly advancing and evolving and this means that we are treated to new gadgets all the time! From toothbrushes that tell you how well you’re cleaning your teeth, to technology that promises to make injections completely painless, there’s a solution for every possible dental woe. Here are 5 of the best dental gadgets on the market today:


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Smart toothbrushes

Not so long ago, it was considered adventurous and advanced to own an electric toothbrush, but design concepts have gone up a gear and now, thanks to major developments in software and technology, you can now expect a whole lot more from your toothbrush. Smart toothbrushes have the ability to connect to phones and computers and you can use features, such as a timer and charts to show you how well you’ve been brushing and what kind of improvements you can make to reduce your risk of oral health issues. There are several different models on offer and the leading brands include Phillips and Oral-B. As you would expect, smart brushes tend to cost a lot more than your average electric toothbrush, but you do get a lot more in return.

The Wand

If you’re one of those patients who can’t stand sitting in the waiting room because of the whirring sound of the drill or the prospect of having a needle jabbed into your gums, you may be interested to hear about The Wand. This is a treatment, which is hugely beneficial for anxious patients and children, especially those who are scared of injections and needles. The aim of this device is to eliminate painful injections. Often, when you have an injection and it is painful, this is due to an irregular flow of fluid or the fluid being squirted through the needle too quickly. With The Wand, the flow of fluid is controlled by computer software, so there is no risk of it being too fast. The Wand also looks much less threatening than a standard injection, as the needle is hidden and the device looks just like a pen. Phillip’s Airfloss

You often read articles about the benefits of flossing, but surveys show that very few people actually stick to a flossing routine. Flossing is very important because it cleans parts of your mouth that you can’t clean with a toothbrush and this helps to reduce the risk of dental decay and gum disease, as well as keeping your smile looking healthy and bright. With Phillip’s Airfloss, flossing is made much easier and more convenient; this gadget unleashes a jet of compressed air into the gaps between the teeth to remove bacteria and food debris, leaving your mouth clean and fresh and most importantly, free from harmful bacteria. Flossing is often made more difficult through crooked teeth. Braces can make a considerable improvement to your oral health by making the teeth easier to clean. You can try get straighter teeth through this Harley street orthodontist.

Toothbrush Timer app

You can get all kinds of apps now, from fun games and quizzes, to maps, news feeds and shopping portals and you can also enjoy apps, which have benefits for your health. Surveys suggest that many people admit that they don’t think they brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes each time. With the Toothbrush Timer app, this never has to be a worry, as the app does all the hard work for you, even guiding you through 12 different phases of brushing to ensure a thorough clean.

Blizzent chew-on toothbrush

The Blizzident chew-on toothbrush offers an alternative method to traditional brushing. Rather than using a toothbrush to clean the teeth, Blizzident has developed a chewable device, which looks similar to a mouth guard, which is fitted with hundreds of minute bristles. As the user chews down on the guard, it cleans the teeth, covering all surfaces of the teeth and producing a deep clean without the hassle of brushing. The process is ultra-fast and takes around 6 seconds.

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