Top 5 Business Apps for BlackBerry

Whether you’re a business owner, a new employee, or a seasoned pro, your smartphone can often become your primary means of communication for business. With ever increasing professional demands, smartphone developers have begun to focus on the importance of apps to aid in the day to day running of a business. This article will focus on the top five business apps for BlackBerry phones, including apps to improve your communication, organization productivity. Businesses have a long history of outfitting their employees with BlackBerry phones, and it is not just because of BlackBerry prices. The security, ease of communication and full keyboard of the BlackBerry devices puts it as a top contender for many businesses. So how many of these apps do you use for a successful business?

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BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger may not be the first tool that pops to mind when you think about how to maximize your BlackBerry phones for business use. This app, however, provides one of the most efficient and straightforward methods of communication in the smartphone world today. This unlimited text/image chatting service with other BBM users will allow you to keep in touch with partners, clients, colleagues and friends. The ability to create real-time communication Groups can make arranging meetings easy and hassle-free. BBM can also serve as a discrete and professional method of “passing notes,” reminding a colleague to network with a certain individual, while keeping the chatter from filling up your email’s inbox.

Business Card Reader

Networking events can help advance your career, expand your business, and allow you to meet people from whom you can ask advice, share experiences and develop your interests. It is essential, therefore, to carefully manage the many business cards you are likely to receive at these events. With the Business Card Reader app, you can import contact information into your smartphone by just snapping a quick photograph of the business card. The app then scans the picture using ABBYY’s text recognition technology, and adds this information to your contacts’ section. This app can recognize business cards printed in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


Great for organization and idea collection, Evernote allows you to make lists, take notes, share memos and organize a multitude of information. Marketed as making your BlackBerry device an extension of your brain, this app helps you remember all of your brilliant ideas and organize, research, meetings, web clops, photos and voice recordings. Evernote is also ideal for sharing across multiple users.

File Manager Pro

In business, you cannot afford slow file sharing. Without the quick and efficient transfer of information, your ability to run a business suffers, as will your credibility, cash flow and likelihood of success. This app works by zipping large files for quick transfer. This app allows you to unzip and edit files you receive over email, as well as compress and zip files to send as a single attachment.

Data Backup

Anyone who has lost an important email, misplaced a contact, or accidentally deleted the latest version of a client report is aware of how dire these mistakes can be. While you may not lose your job, you will certainly be reprimanded and are unlikely to be trusted with delicate information in the near future. All of this can be avoided with a free BlackBerry app, Data Backup, which backs up your calendar, contacts, tasks, emails, and files. Suitable for all BlackBerry models, including the BlackBerry Bold 3 mobile phone, this app will ensure that you have all of your files securely copied.

The next time you are in the market for a business smartphone, perhaps prowling the internet for the best BlackBerry price, consider the benefits for of making these apps work for you to form, develop and safeguard your business, one meeting at a time.

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