Top 5 Alternatives For the Iphone 5

A lot of people out there think that the iPhone is the only phone on the market, it’s got the best features, the best operating system and is the most desireable. Whilst anyone who thinks that has a point to a degree, there are some very credible alternatives out there on the market that give the iPhone more than a run for its money.


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Here’s our top 5:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Known as the "life companion", the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with such a a wide range of features and applications letting users complete a wide range of tasks making this almost like a full blown computer rolled into a smartphone. Here’s it’s top features:

  • It’s a great size – huge screen but very slim design. This is surprising considering how feature rich the device is.
  • The S4 is fitted with an AMOLED technology oriented screen which allows a crisper resolution and a higher pixel density than the iPhone 5.
  • It also has a barometer built inside along with the S-Health app to enhance usability further.
  • It has wireless Wi-Fi connectivity along with DLNA added with mobile television using the MHL technology.
  • With the 4G and the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 ac built-in along with the NFC technology means the S4 outperforms the iPhone in terms of connectivity.
  • Air gesture and the smart scroll options are unique to this phone.
  • The 5-inch display allows better viewing plus a better resolution then the “Retina” display.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia used to be the king of mobile phones, they fade rapidly but they’re back with a new range of phones that are really rivalling the big players like Apple. The Lumia 920 epitomises the new Nokia and it comes with an awesome specification including:

  • With the Windows Operating System, the Lumia 920 takes advantage of a platform which is very easy to use and learn making it ideal for firs time smartphone users.
  • Fitted with an 8 megapixel camera, named "the PureView camera" which features effective low-light capturing capabilities along with the optical image stabilizing option give the Nokia Lumia one, if not the best camera built into a phone on the market.
  • Nokia also combines the camera with a platform technology which is mounted on a smaller spring so which removes an unnecessary movement and stabilises the image reducing blurring.


The HTC One surprised the technology world when it was revealed earlier in the year due to its highly innovative design and gorgeous looking exterior. The silver aluminum casing fused with stylish looks almost mke this comparable to the Mac Book. Packed full of features alongside the sturdy looks, this truly is a great rival to the iphone.

Out of all the contenders to the iPhones crown then it’s probably the HTC One that is Apple’s biggest rival. The HTC One out performs the iPhone in a number of areas, all it lacks is the brand name that’s popular in both the Americas and Europe. If you were to ask me which is the better phone in terms of raw power and speicfication then the HTC One wins hands down. The screen is also much better, despite Apples retina hype and clever positions overall for me personally the One is a better looking and more proportioned phone. Of course we have no idea what Apple is planning with the iPhone 5S but right now my choice is the HTC One.

Source: Richard Querrey,, blog editor and technology writer in the UK. Key features of the HTC One:

  • The HTC One has a higher pixel resolution per unit which creates a clearer picture over wider screens.
  • The 5-inch display is probably the ideal screen size for a smartphone.
  • The “Zoe” camera allows snapping short videos and then auto selects the best frame automatically to display the stills.
  • BlinkFeed is included which is ideal for keeping you updated on the current events and all important news from across the globe.
  • The HTC is extremely customisable, no not being able to remove certain Apps like the newstands as per the iPhone.

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry were once the phone of choice for businessmen and teenagers a like but due to a series of faults and shortfalls they’ve taken a backseat role in the smartphone market. However, they do still produce good phones that are worthy competitors like the Q10. Here’s what makes it worth considering:

  • The Removable battery allows easier charging which when combined with a pre supplied spare battery kit you can keep power for longer on the go.
  • A traditional BlackBerry physical keyboard makes text input much easier than touchscreens like the iPhone.
  • The software is also extremely useful and takes advantage of various gesture based technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

A comparison of alternatives wouldn’t be complete with a phablet thrown into the mix and the Samsung Galaxy Note II is a serious rival. The features on offer include:

  • Taking screenshots and making annotation using the S-Pen tab is excpetionally easy.
  • The battery life is stunning with a 3100mAh battery keeps the large screen active for longer periods with charge lasting over two days.
  • It’s extremely well priced compared to the iPhone despite having more features.
  • The 5.5 inch screen is truly stunning and when you combine that with the stylus, built-in to allow digital sketches on the screen this phone comes into a world of its own.

So there you have it, 5 rivals to the iPhone, which phone do you think is the best alternative to an iPhone?

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