Top 4 Degrees for a Lasting Career in the Tech Industry

There is little doubt that tech industry employees are the envy of the American workforce at the moment: tech jobs are well compensated, offer excellent benefits, and are located in some of the United States’ most beautiful and dynamic cities. If you’re just heading to university this year, or you’re considering going back to school for a career change, here are four degrees that will help cement your status as a fantastic applicant and—hopefully—a long-term tech employee.

Top 4 Degrees for a Lasting Career in the Tech Industry

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1. Computer Science

With their knowledge of database creation and analysis, data mining, network maintenance, computer science graduates are almost guaranteed to find a job at an innovative technology company or in a major firm’s tech department. Employers value the mathematical approach of comp sci students, and appreciate their attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of computing systems, and experience with software and program engineering. Many US universities offer fantastic online master’s degrees in computer science that give students access to brilliant professors and valuable experience to take into the working world.

2. Computer Programming

This specialized field is extremely en vogue in the current economic climate: programmers can be found at almost every major tech company, including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Uber. The importance of back-end programming combined with the rapid emergence of targeted algorithms and mobile applications has magnified the importance of programmers in customer retention and provision of services.

3. Web Development

For every back end, there must be a front end, and this requires a web development professional to beautify and energize the company’s web presence. Web developers create and help program content for web pages, and they are the front line between the company and its customers. Good degree programs teach would-be developers how to implement the APIs and web services that are necessary to power a website, which can make trained developers very valuable to companies aiming to expand and streamline their online presence.

4. Electronics and Communication Engineering
The prominence of handheld devices in modern society makes this degree a valuable asset that is likely to increase in value as smartphones and tablets become even more inextricably linked to our lives. Graduates of E&C engineering programs can choose to go down a tech path or an engineering path, both of which will be relatively lucrative and lead to jobs largely centered around the San Francisco–San Jose corridor.

Although jobs in the tech industry may seem unattainable, there are degree programs out there that can change your employment prospects from a long shot into virtually a sure thing. Any of the four programs detailed in this article should give graduates the chance to follow their dreams into the tech industry—and hopefully kickstart a long, prosperous career.

By Anica Oaks

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