Top 10 Travel Gadgets

Whether you’re in a train in Europe, a coach in South America or a car in the US, travelling can be a bit of a nightmare. Apart from the boredom, it can pose a few logistical problems too – like having nowhere to charge your phone and only having room for one book. However, with the right gadgets, you can circumvent these difficulties and have a fun, relaxing journey.

iPod Touch


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Trusty, versatile and relatively cheap, an iPod Touch is a must for any journey. Even the smallest capacity iPod touch has enough memory to hold 8gb of music, games and video, and even has a built in HD video recorder and a camera on the back.

Price: From $199 on the Apple site.

Amazon Kindle


Don’t have enough room to take all your books on your travels? With the Amazon Kindle you do. They can store around one and a half thousand books and fit, just about, in your back pocket.

Price: $79-$199.

Cable Shorteners


Cable shorteners are a great way to deal with the problem of all your wires getting tangled up. They are low cost, stylish and extremely effective.

Price: $1.99-$4.99 on

Solar Chargers


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If you’re travelling with lots of electrical items, recharging them all can be a hassle. However, with a solar charger, you always have somewhere to charge them up. They come with lots of different attachments and only need the power of the sun to repower themselves. There are a lot of different ones out available ranging in price.

Prices: $30-$200.

Multi-Purpose Multi Plug


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If you do manage to find a plug socket when you’re travelling, it’s vital to make the most of it. A power splitter will allow you do this; it has usb ports, plug sockets and ac ports.

Price: From $5

International sim card


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A $10 international sim card can stop you from having to splash out on a new phone every time you get to a new country that doesn’t support your network. You can top them up in over 200 countries and they offer cheap calls.

Prices from: $10.



When you’re travelling, you don’t always have functional transport when you get to your destination. With the Solowheel you do. The self-balancing unicycle weighs just 26 lbs, can travel at 10 mph and can get you up 20 miles in one charge.

Price: $1,795 from

Touch Screen-Friendly Gloves


Touch screen-friendly gloves allow you operate any touch screen device without having to continually remove your hands from your gloves – perfect if you’re travelling somewhere with freezing temperatures.

Price: From $15

Mini USB Cables


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Mini USB cables take the standard set up of a normal USB cable but make it travel friendly. The cables are only about two inches long, which is perfect when you need something compact and unfussy for travelling.

Price: From $3.

Multi Tool


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When you’re travelling a multi tool can provide you with various problems solvers in one neat package. Whether you need to unscrew a case to change some batteries, or you’ve got food stuck in your teeth, a multi tool will answer all your prayers.

Price: Leatherman Multi Tool from $30.

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Rahul is a blogger who helps travellers get the best out of their holidays. Whether having an adventure by train in Europe or backpacking with the top gadgets, he works with companies to offer advice and solve problems.

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  1. Great read! All of these gadgets definitely sound like they would be great on any traveling adventure! I only have an iPod out of the list, but I’m now very curious to check out the other neat gadgets. I’d also recommend putting iPad into the list, since it’s actually my favorite gadget to bring along on my travels. Not only does it help me keep up with my work on my business travels for my job at Dish, but it also helps a lot when it comes to killing time. I like to read and watch TV on it when I find I have a working 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. The app I like to use the most is Dish Remote Access. I have a Sling Adapter at home, so I’m able to bring and watch all of my favorite shows with me on the go, through my iPad, anywhere I am in the world. I can watch my local news live, or just pick a movie I had recorded on my DVR and watch it whenever I feel like it. It definitely helps relieve some stress on my trips as well! 🙂

  2. Hi, I just launched a new product via KICKSTARTER and i think it fits into this catagory.

    When i travel i always take a plain paper journal, but my last few trips I’ve been traveling with an iPad as well. The NOTEBLOX is a plain paper journal with magnets integrated into the front and back cover that magnetically secure to the iPad.

    check it out here…


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