Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

With the right kitchen gadgets, cooking, preparing and preserving foods is a breeze. If you’re looking for a gift for a budding chef or want to upgrade the facilities in your own kitchen, take a look at these top 10 kitchen gadgets:

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets 1

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  1. Apple Divider

Simple but elegant, the apple divider offers cooks a speedy way to core and slice their apples. Put your apple on a chopping board, position the apple divider above, press down and voila! You have a perfectly divided apple to eat or to cook with.

  1. Vacuum Wine Preserver

We all know the irritating feeling of coming back to an opened bottle of wine a few days later in the hope that it still tastes good. More often than not, the wine is past its best and destined for the drain. A wine preserver does what a cork alone cannot. It vacuums the air out of the wine bottle, preserving your wine for at least another few days.

  1. Toastabag

This is the kitchen timesaver that’s putting toastie makers out of business. Just put your sandwich (always with cheese) into the Toastabag before putting it into your toaster. You’ll have a delicious, hot, melted toasted sandwich within minutes.

  1. Potato Ricer

For the creamiest mashed potato you’ve ever experienced, opt for a potato ricer. It’s easier on the arms than a traditional potato masher and used by top chefs all over the world. You can also use your potato ricer to mash vegetables such as carrot and turnip.

  1. Electric Plate Warmer

Whilst no one could claim this is an essential kitchen gadget, it’s really a very nifty one. Rather than negotiating the tricky timing of putting your plates in the oven to warm, this electric plate warmer does the job for you. Perfectly warm plates on which to serve your food, every time.

  1. Vegetable Spiralizer

A spiralizer will help you make ribbon-thin strips of vegetables to use in your cooking. You can prepare a stylish salad or even improve your diet by using spiralized courgette or carrot instead of your usual pasta.

  1. Mini Chopper

For chefs with no time to spare, the mini chopper is a godsend. There’s no need to laboriously chop your veg. Just throw in your peeled onion, your bell pepper or even your spices and it’ll have them chopped or blended in a matter of seconds. This kitchen gadget really comes into its own when chopping vegetables for a stew or whipping up a spicy Mexican salsa.

  1. Donut Maker

Treats for the kids and even, with the right decoration, desserts for your dinner party have never been easier. A donut maker isn’t a gadget you’ll use every day. But, when you do, it’ll be a whole ton of fun.

  1. Silicone Pan Funnel

There’s nothing worse than trying to pour your lovingly prepared soup, broth or sauce into a smaller container. You’re sure to lose a fair portion of your meal in the process. With the silicone pan funnel, this process has been made easy. The funnel attaches to any pan and allows you to pour your liquids into another container without spillages.

  1. Slow Cooker

There’s no better way to get the flavour out of meat than by slow cooking it. Put a stew on to cook in the morning. By the time you come home in the evening it’ll be rich, delicious and ready to be eaten. Cooking with a slow cooker, you can buy cheaper cuts of meat that will taste amazing after a long cooking time.

Kitchen gadgets can save you time in the kitchen and make meal preparation that little bit easier. For an enjoyable cooking experience, the right gadgets can really make all the difference.

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