Top 10 Free Social Network Applications for iPhone

Social networking is increasingly taking over every area of the internet. While a few years back MySpace was reserved for self-obsessed teenagers and bands trying to hit it big, the number of websites currently displaying Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus buttons easily outnumbers those that don’t. No longer confined to themselves these social networks are taking over every inch of the internet and changing the way we search online forever. But considering that most of us not primarily connect to the internet via our smartphones, what are the best apps to help iPhone owners with social networking?

1. Facebook

The most popular social networking website around, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends. You can post updates, share information on the go, play games and find out when your friends are nearby. The photos are high resolution, so you can enjoy reminiscing as you travel around.


2. Twitter

Twitter is another hugely popular application, which is a firm favourite in the celebrity world. You can find and follow friends, browse interests and meet likeminded people. You can also view the latest trends and keep updated on the hottest topics. Twitter is also ideal if you have your own business and want to maximise your publicity

3. Skype

This is an excellent application for using for business purposes, or to keep in touch with friends who have moved away. You can use the call, video call and instant messaging functions, which saves the need to wait lengthy periods of time for emails to arrive.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ultimate business application, which gives you access to your professional network. You can keep up to date with the business world and share content with your network of people. You can even check up on the latest job opportunities in your field of interest.

5. Windows Live Messenger

Keep in touch with friends and family with this application, which allows you to receive instant updates, so you can chat in real time. This is a handy application if you are travelling around a lot, as it will help to ensure you don’t get too bored.

6. Tumblr

A handy application if you regularly update your blogs and share photos. It also allows you to make calls, video calls and instant messaging. This is another hugely popular application, which continues to grow.

7. Facebook Messenger

If you don’t want to wait for your friends to get back to your Facebook messages, this application allows you to send instant messages, so you can chat on the go. You can also create group conversation, so you can make arrangements for the weekend with a number of people.


8. Sound Cloud

This application will allow you to share sounds on the go, whether privately or publicly. If you love your music, you will love this. It is easy to use and will help keep your collection updated.

9. Google +


Google + has grown in popularity over the past year, with some people favouring it over Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to share information in a simple way with the people you want to and has super-fast messaging and video chat.

10. eBuddy Messenger

If you like to use a number of messenger applications at the one time, this is the application for you. You can incorporate Yahoo, Facebook, MSN Messenger and others in the one handy list, so it is easy to manage. You can also switch quickly between chats and receive new message alerts.

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