Top 10 Expensive Gadgets & Experiences

10. Robonova I


This remarkable machine is controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498HB digital servos and can walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves, balance on one leg, do press-ups, the list goes on. Standing a foot high, the Robonova I is made from custom gold anodized metal servo brackets giving him a strong and lightweight exoskeleton with durable plastic body case components that protect the control board and battery from damage.

Price: $1296 / €1065.6 / £720

9. Range Grill BBQ


It’s a lot of money to spend on a BBQ, but then BBQ is just too small a word for this marvellous monster – heck it’s bigger than most people’s cookers, and probably better. With an 66 x 45cm grill cooking area, a warming rack, four stainless steel main burners, plus a side burner and an electric rotisserie burner for doing your own spit roasts, this BBQ is prepared for any cooking you want to throw at it. There is a temperature gauge in the lid, so you can control your roasting, and it has a very neat push and turn jet ignition system

Price: $1350 / €1110 / £750

8. EXT125 PE Astro Telescope


# A high resolution Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design.
# A 127mm Clear Aperture.
# A Focal Length Ratio of 190cm.
# An internal flip-mirror system for either straight-through or 90° observing position.
# Double Tine Telescope Mounting.
# A dual-axis motor drive system with hand controller.
# A SmartFinder Red dot projected onto finder’s lens.
# An AutoStar Controller for precise viewing of the night’s sky.
# View up to 30,000 celestial objects.
# A Deluxe Field Tripo

Price: $1420 / €1168/ £789

7. Arcade Table


Possibly the only piece of cool design to come out of the 80’s is back.This great machine is packed with over 150 all-time favourite arcade games, it has a toughened glass top, a 14" colour monitor, genuine arcade buttons and joystick controls, digital sound and high resolution colour and dynamic graphics.

Price: $3238.2 / €2662.52 / £1799

6. The MiniCat


This awesome Mini inflatable Catamaran actually fits into a bag you can chuck in the boot of your car! Now how cool is that? Weighing in at only 40kg, it’s astounding that when inflated, the boat can support weights of up to 240kg and sail you out to sea, or on lakes and rivers.

Price: $4500 / €3700 / £2500

5. Movie Extra for a Day


This chance-of-a-lifetime experience involves a day at the movie set or at a filming location of a movie being filmed in the UK. Participants will enjoy a tour of the set and get to view first hand how a movie is made from the filming process including direction and production, through to the finer details of make up and costume.

Also included is one night’s four-star accommodation, including breakfast and return transfers from the hotel to the set. As a memento of your fantastic day, you will receive an autographed photograph of the leading character from the film.

Price: $5398.2 / €4438.52 / £2999

4. Desert Island Hammock


Who hasn’t dreamt of kicking back on a tropical island paradise? Paradise is of course never quite what it’s cracked up to be, and what with snakes, bugs, and the worst irritation of all, other tourists, it can be hard to find true paradise. So we found the perfect solution – if home is where the heart is, why not bring paradise there? For less than a flash fortnight’s stay in the Maldives for two, you can have your very own paradise in your back garden.

Price: $5400 / €4440 / £3000

3. Funtrak Mini Paintball Tanks


Tanks are remarkable machines, but boy do they take up space in the garage, and parking them is no small challenge. Help is at hand however with the creation of the Funtrak Mini Paintball Tank, a massively scaled down model that not only holds a single occupant in their own personal armoured division, but can also fire paintballs!

Price: $14400 / €11840 / £8000

2. Hovpod ACX 52


Powered by a two cylinder 2-Stroke 625cc engine, it’ll reach speeds of between 40-45mph, and can carry a payload of 250kilos (about three adults). A full tank will give you about 2 hours at cruise speed, and it’s as economical to run as a 50HP 2-stroke boat engine.

Price: $26998.2 / €22198.52 / £14999

1. Personal Madame Tussauds Wax Figure


Surely one of the greatest marks of success, the thing that really sets you apart from the rest, is getting a call from Madame Tussauds requesting your presence, so that they can immortalise you in wax.

If you don’t have time to go to all the sittings in London, the sculptors are skilled enough to progress with research photos. All the sittings are however included in the price, as is a DVD and photo album of the process. A team will also transport and install your wax figure in your chosen private location.

Price: $270000 / €222000 / £150000

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  2. What’s even more necessary to you, a new steeply-priced gadget or an attention-grabbing holiday someplace exotic? Are you materialistic or do you like to fill your existence with engaging encounters? Did you know that folks who frequently shop for the most recently released new ‘thing’ are all too often much less satisfied and happy with their existence, and further probably to undergo from depression?

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