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Every organization, at some point in time, feels the requirement to conjugate with other firms. This not only maximizes the benefits presented to the customers, but also enhances the client database. Some prefer simple outsourcing, while a few look for an exclusive solution that is solely designed to meet the specified needs. This enables the organizations to excel in the long run along with accentuating the number of customers.

The in-depth customized solutions add to establishing an intimate relationship with the customers by offering specified solutions to the diversified demands. This scenario has hiked the need to approach the custom software development, which has become the latest trend. This new methodology has curbed the prototypical way of providing a solution to the clients, making the firms contend in a highly competitive ambiance.

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How to Excel the Competitors Using Custom Software Development?

For asserting particularity in the business goals, it is essential to implement the solutions that are based on the recent trends. The tailor-made outcomes must be developed after minutely studying the requisites and choices of the clients. This ensures the capability of a business to offer results based on the specific demands. The prime advantage offered by the custom software development is, the solution can be altered as per the requirement of the clients. The challenge is to select the most efficient custom software developer that competently offers the perfect solution.

Let us have a look at the top 10 custom software development companies that contribute to the procurement of an appropriate solution:

  1. Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant is a custom software engineering company that aims to serve huge enterprises along with sophisticated technology start-ups. It is a feasible mixture of offshore, offsite, and onsite services that are delivered through the seven centers located across the globe. It has proficient manpower that has never failed to deliver the most engaging solution to the clients for the past 20 years.  Some of the specialties are cloud computing, sustaining engineering, web 2.0, .NET, Big Data, Data Science, Hadoop, and more.

  1. VironIT

VironIT presents custom software development to the clients by focusing on the core areas of operation. It is known to design strategies based on the mobile applications, web-based application, software integration, business software solutions, and more. It has a successful record of accomplishing 500 + projects for more than 300+ renowned companies in diversified fields. eHealth, banking, retail, marketing, sports, gaming, etc. are the prime areas of activity. The cross-platform mobile app, enterprise software development, e-commerce development, and web development are some of the areas of expertise.

  1. Pulsion Technology

Pulsion Technology aims to deliver creative and digital services to the clients from both the private and public sector. It works together with the clients to design efficient solution to meet the tailored needs. It has expertise in diversified wings that allow it to explore the output with the help of numerous technologies. Some of the services offered by Pulsion are Business analysis and consultancy, field service management software, software development, etc.

  1. FrogSlayer

FrogSlayer is known to offer custom software to the clients that assist to enhance the revenue in a short span of time. It designs creative B2B commercial software items that help their clients enhance time-to-market while hiking the market share and revenue. It has implemented disruptive technologies like big data, cloud, mobile, etc. in order to meet the real-time business needs. It was founded in 2005 and has proven its competence in C, C++, node.js, Tablet & Mobile app development, SaaS product development, etc.

  1. The Nerdery

It is a digital strategy consultancy firm that has human-centric designers along with software engineers. As the name suggests, it believes the passionate nerds as the driving force below the exceptional business quality. Its motto is to deliver an access to the exceptionally qualified personnel rather than an access to outstanding techniques. These professionals enable the clients to design bespoke solutions that stand up to the expectation of their clients. This not only enhances the satisfaction but also adds to the error-free software. Embedded system, social media application, web applications, etc. are some of the areas of specialization.

  1. Icreon Techis

It is a global software development firm that delivers custom applications and business solutions. It aids the organizations to enhance efficiency and develop a competitive base. It has clients that are primarily mid-sized and highly successful in the IT field. Legacy migration, business intelligence, business applications, business automation process, CRM design and development are the services to look out for.

  1. Softeq

It is headquartered in Houston, TX and is proud to present the embedded systems, firmware engineering, and advanced web solutions. Along with it, mobile product development and assistive technology are some of the exclusive solutions offered. Nike, EPSON, AMD, NVIDIA, HP, Disney, SanDisk, and Omron are some of its clients. It is known to deliver a variety of options for the diversified kinds of products that are accessed globally.

  1. HQSoftware

It has been presenting complex software solutions to the clients since 2001 with its core domain in IoT, Automotive, AR, VR, etc. HQSoftware has a transparent mode of operation that enables the clients to participate in the product designing process. HTC, Skoda, Sega, BBC, The United Nations, and World Health Organization are its clients.

  1. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft offers a solution to the clients that are based in North America and Europe. IBM, PerkinElmer, Tieto, Viber and Leo Burnett are its dedicated clients. It has been in operation for 27 years and aims to fulfill the industry-specific challenges.

  1. 3Pillar Global

It designs creative and revenue generative software that accelerates and elevates the integrated lifecycle of the software development process. CARFAX, PBS, and others are some of its trusted clients.


The concept of one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to the companies that aim to offer outstanding solutions. Hence, the custom software development is the sole solution that aims to improve integration and offers technical support to the team. Instead of applying readymade solutions to the company, the bespoke software can fetch outstanding result with enhanced benefits.

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