Top 10 Car Travel Gadgets

Anyone who has had an extensive travel experience is well aware of how lonesome traveling by road can be especially if your destination requires 5-7 hours of driving. In this situation, both drivers and passengers can be hit by a bout frayed nerves which leads to frustration, if a source of entertainment or “mind travel” gadget isn’t on the travel menu.

In the Vega’s “Consumer Electronic Show” held earlier this year, the lonesome travails long distance travelers face was adequately documented and electronic gadget/software showcased several travel gadgets designed to make road journeys easier in the year 2013 and beyond. These gadgets shall be documented in the coming paragraphs.

10 Car Travel Gadgets for 2013

Innex Electro Hub:

Innex Electro Hub

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The amount of entertainment gadgets you carry—smart devices, tablets, portable DVD etc.—will all end up useless, if you have no power source to continue juicing your gadgets and the lack of electrical sockets on almost all vehicles makes the scary thought of having a dead phone or iPad/Pod a huge possibility. The Innex Electro hub is a circuit with 6 multiple facets with varying socket sizes/types that can be used to charge all electrical devices at their standard charging duration. It costs approximately $39.



We are all music lovers and the power of music is such that it can take the average travelers mind far away from the increasing length of the road. ChicBuds are thumb sized speakers that can be attached to MP3 players or other music outlets for the amplification of sound. With ChicBuds you can get your whole entourage rocking to your favorite music for just $29.



Imagine a situation or location where there are no GPRS, EDGE or 3G network and you can’t make a single call or send a text message to save your life. This is where the Earthmate comes in because it is a GPS enabled hand held system that can be used to send one way messages as well as show maps, track barometric altitudes etc. The Earthmate which can be powered by solar energy and batteries costs approximately $299.

Kodak’s Playsport Video Camera:


What more can you say about a High-definition video camera that can function beneath 10ft of water, survive a 4ft fall and provides its users with a 5 Mega-Pixel camera and a 1080p HD video feature. The Playsport also provides users with access to major social media sites—Facebook, Twitter etc.—where images can be geo-tagged and posted. It costs $179.

Playstation Vita:


Sony’s latest game console makes long distance traveling a pleasure for kids and young adults seeking for adventures while sitting in one particular place. The gadget is fitted with cameras, broad band, and other features that make sharing and multiple gameplay, a memorable affair. It goes for $249.

SpareOne Phone:


This is a one-of mobile phone which has a battery life of approximately 15 hours and has the ability to utilize any network available to it regardless of its provider or the location of its user. The mobile device costs $50.

jetBook Color:


For novel lovers, this e- reader developed with an E Ink display feature is the perfect travel device for you. Users can have access to their favorite books, a dictionary as well as vocabulary building tools for approximately $499.

Groove Shack Bluetooth Car Kit: this is a hands free Bluetooth call aid device that doubles as an MP3 player/Radio with over 15 million songs stored in its storage unit. The device costs approximately $120.

Mobile Video System:


For travelers—mostly kids—who love TV on the go, this video system is the perfect gadget to be installed in your car for it provides your co-travelers with an alternative form of entertainment.

CarMD Vehicle Diagnostic Kit:


This tool kit is an all-inclusive car monitoring system all road travelers should have for it provides drivers with an intuitive system that can be used to cross check faults that may develop while traveling.

Article by Jason Phillips

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