Top 10 Apps to Use iPhone As a Remote Control for PC or Mac

Nowadays about 200, 000 iPhone (iPad) apps are used for controlling PC and Mac, as well as for Linux. Some of them are free to download but others are alsofor paid to download.

Below are lists of the most common apps for iPhone that help to have power over for your Mac or PC.


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App #1: REMOTE (free)

This app is free to download andlaunched by Apple. In addition,it allows the user to manageiTunes on the computer by using their iPhone gadget. This remote app is also easy to install. Once you already done in thesettings, it will give the whole iTunes directory on your iPhone. What’s more, it also assists you in creating Playlists, modifying the collections and regulating all the changes via your iPhone.

App#2: REMOTEHD (free)

RemoteHD is known as the top feature packed remote for your PC. This is because it enables you to watch a live flaunt on your computer, torrent audio, and take whole control of the apps on your PC and others, all with your iPhone gadget. This app doesn’t have game centre. You can use this app for 7.99 dollars and measured file extent of 9.3 MB.

App#3: WIFI REMOTE (free)

ThisWi-Fi Remote is free to use. It allows you to control your PC even if you’re too far of 45 meters in the house. This app is preloaded remote control for PowerPoint, Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player. You can browse the Playlists and choose songs, as well as can watch artist and song information. But in order to get this app, your iPhone must have Java MIDP 2.0 profile and Wi-Fi, or your computer must have Wi-Ficonnectivity.

App#4: HIPPOREMOTE (free)

This is one of the most common remote control apps for PC or Mac, which people really like it. Aside from it is for free to download, Hippo Remote has superb track pad and keyboard, and has some advanced features such as macros that use for one-touch emerge, auto app moving, login account saving and more.

App#5: OFFREMOTE (free)

Off Remote is free to download. It log offs, locks, restarts, sleeps, offs or hibernates your PC and Mac. Have a warning before you turn off the PC or Mac. In additionto that it runs very fast.

App#6: ISHUTDOWN ($1.99)

This app is quite the same in functionality to ‘Off Remote’. It runs very fast, connects multiple computers, as well as hibernate your PC. But this app is at paid to download for 1.99 dollars.

App#7:TEAM VIEWER (free)

This iPhone app is free to use and has an incredible VNC client than other apps. This app has also a server-side system that can be installed for PC and MAC. Once you already installed or downloaded it, you need to connect your iPhone into the computer to get full control to your computer from iPhone. It is easy to access not only for business but also in domestic industry.

App#8: MOCHAVNC ($5.99)

This iPhone app is very similar to Team Viewer. If one are using MochaVNC into his/her PC or iPhone, it will directly reduce the make use of the computer. It has a clean and crisp interface, and it assimilates the ‘keyboard’ into a ‘keypad’ from the app. In addition to that it has an assessed position of advanced features in getting the title, as it is the dominant remote control. But MochaVNC is downloading for 5.99 dollars, as well as available for lite version.

App#9: REALVNC (VNC Viewer) ($9.99)

RealVNC app is well-known as a mother of all the VNC applications. This is also known as a very elegant and very powerful app. However simple client that allows you manage several apps running on your PC and Mac. This app is offered at 9.99 dollars to download.

App#10: ROWMOTE ($0.99)

This app is at 0.99 dollars to download. This app version is easy to use and remote control for your computer or Mac. This is quite similar into all remote control iPhone apps. It allows viewing dock applications very easy and fast. In addition to that Rowmote can also control Apple TV.

All of these iPhone apps from the above mentioned are reliable and helpful for controlling your PC or Mac, and even some devices. If you knew some great iPhone applications, just make a comment below.

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