Top 10 Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage

The digital age has created a few new trends, including data storage and data sharing. Transferring data from a desktop to a mobile device and vice versa can get very time consuming, and there are a number of cloud apps that make it much easier to share and store media files and data.

Here are the top 10 Android cloud apps for data storage and data sharing that you should try downloading and installing on to your Android phone or tablet.

1. Box


Box is a cloud app that offers 50GB of free digital storage, which is great for anyone looking for a free solution. However, there is a file size limit of 100MB per file, and you’ll have to manually sync your files to store them on the cloud server.

Box does provide a widget that will immediately alert you if a colleague changes a file stored in your ‘Box’, and this is a handy feature.

2. Dropbox


Dropbox is the hugely popular cloud app that has a considerable user base. You can share just about any kind of file from this easy to use secure online platform, and there are no file size limits to worry about.

Dropbox’s only downfall is the limit on its free package. Users of the free service can only access up to 2GB storage, but payment plans are reasonable and it’s easy to upgrade. More than 45 million people use Dropbox for their day to day file sharing and storage needs.

3. Evernote


Once reviewed as one of the ‘Top 10 must have apps’ by the New York Times, Evernote is a flexible cloud app that can be used across a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and more.

Its subscription plans and upload limits are slightly different to its competitors, but it’s a simple and efficient app that is valued for its versatility.

4. Google Drive

google drive

If you thought Dropbox was going to dominate the cloud storage and file sharing arena then think again. Google Drive is quickly being adopted by anyone and everyone who has access to a Gmail account. ‘Keep everything. Share anything.’ – The simple yet powerful statement behind Google Drive.

Google Drive, like Google Plus, is a relatively new service from Google, but it has great potential as it is designed to interact with the entire suite of Google applications. Given that Android is also Google’s platform it makes sense that more Android users are turning to the free 5GB storage offered by the Google Drive app.

5. OpenDrive


OpenDrive is a free cloud app that offers free storage for up to 5GB. OpenDrive have launched an Android app, and the website can be used to create accounts for both personal and commercial purposes. The automatic sync feature is valued by its users.

6. SkyDrive


SkyDrive is Microsoft’s solution to the cloud server service. A recent upgrade ma have improved the service, but it dramatically reduced the amount of server storage free users had access to (from 25GB to 7GB).

While the free package offers more storage space than Dropbox, SkyDrive is not as well known or as widely used as its biggest competitor.

7. SpiderOak


SpiderOak provides a simple interface and secure online storage. With synchronization options and sharing features its fast becoming a popular cloud Android app. You can also share your files with non SpiderOak users with the sharing URL’s.

8. SugarSync


SugarSync is a great Android app that offers automatic syncing. Like Google Drive, users get access to 5GB for free, and prices on more server storage are more cost effective than Dropbox. With no file size limit to contend with, it’s easy to see why SugarSync is being quickly rated as a great cloud app.

9. Syncplicity


Syncplicity enables users to automatically sync their files and folders with ease, and it’s quickly being adopted by both personal and business users. Users can choose which of their folders they woul
d like to automatically sync to their free 2GB account.

10. Ubuntu One

unbuntu one

Ubuntu is a great cloud app if you want to automatically sync your photos to a server. Like many of its competitors, Ubuntu One gives user’s access to 5GB of storage for free.

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