Tips On Choosing A Proper Chain Hoist

The use of manual lifting or even forklifts in this day and age are not only inefficient, but they can prove to be quite dangerous in some circumstances. When a business engages in lot s of heavy lifting, they need to look into the prospect of using a chain hoist. Here are some tips on choosing the proper one for your needs.

Talk with the chain hoist dealer about what your business specifically does. Different hoists will be needed, for instance, if there will be food being handled or if chemicals are being lifted. Tell them about any particular hazards that are commonly found in the workplace environment.

Consider how many shifts or instances per day the hoist will be actively used. This is especially important when using electric chain hoists because the workload will completely determine what the size and power of the motor will need to be. The workload will also determine if the hoist should be hook mounted and if it should be equipped with a motorized trolley or a push trolley.

Many companies insist on using a radio-controlled chain hoist for the simple sake of safety. By using a chain hoist that is operated via radio waves, the operator can stand far away from the actual equipment while it is in use.

While chain hoists powered by electric motors are generally considered the best, there are times when their use may not be appropriate. In these cases, manual hoists, such as manual blocks or lever hoists, will most likely be recommended by the hoist company.

No matter what type of hoist is eventually chosen, you will definitely benefit from the increased productivity, the higher load capacity, and the much more efficient work environment that every chain hoist offers a company. In addition to these benefits, the company will see an increase in the bottom line and a lower rate of employee work-related injury. This means less workman’s comp claims that the company needs to deal with. All in all, choosing to use a chain hoist in the workplace is probably one of the smartest decisions that management can make.

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