Thwart the Hackers: 6 Tips For Perfecting Online Business Security

The internet allows companies to reach out to a national, and even international, customer base. However, online businesses are often targeted by hackers, and it’s important to mount a robust defense. Here are six tips for perfecting your online business security.


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Password Security

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to password security, but putting forth the effort to use strong passwords can cause most hackers to move on. Don’t rely on dictionary-based words, even if you append numbers or symbols to the end. Any random elements you add improve your password robustness significantly.
Software Updates

Nearly all software has bugs, and hackers are great at exploiting them. Make sure to install updates in a timely manner. Professional expertise can help. Luckily professionals such as those with managed services in Ottawa can help you install the right updates and have your computer working as good as new.

Limiting Access

It can be tempting to provide access to your online business to more people, but doing so increases the odds of leaking the password or otherwise providing a means for hackers to access your site. An employee who log into the website with a compromised computer, for example, might reveal the password through a keylogger or other malware. Keeping access restricted to a small pool of users and only allowing access from trusted machines can help.

Checking for Weak Points

Knowing your weak points can help you invest in better security. If you’re running old server software, for example, investing in an upgrade can help. If you’re using an older version of Windows or Linux, upgrading to a newer version with more robust security features lets you take advantage of these new features. There’s no need to revamp everything at one, and focusing on the weak points can help.

Limiting Connectivity

The more points of access your system has, the more likely a hacker is to find it. Rely on HTTPS instead of HTTP for strong encryption, and only provide support for telnet or SSH if it’s absolutely required. Stick with one remote desktop program if you need one.

Frequent Backups

While backups aren’t often considered part of online security, they allow you to respond to security threats more rapidly. If you’ve detected a hack, having a recent backup enables you to shut down and restore information quickly. Flexibility helps you avoid security issues, and backups make your business much more flexible.

Online business presents tremendous opportunity for growth, but it also presents some risks. By making security a top priority, you can ensure that the vast majority of would-be hackers more on to more vulnerable platforms.

By Kara Masterson

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