Three Ways to Make Your RC Truck/Car Faster

Who doesn’t want to own an RC car/truck that can accelerate the fastest? Surely, when it comes to a radio control vehicle, speed is the most popular aspect. Whether you’re having a race or bashing your car in the dunes, the feature you require the most is higher velocity and faster acceleration.

So if you want to speed up your radio control car or truck to leave your rivals behind in the dust, go through this guide as it will help you make your RC vehicle the fastest one ever. You can pick one or more ways of speeding up your car, depending on how much money you can spend and how fast you want your vehicle to become.

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Reduce the Weight

The simplest way to speed up your RC car/truck is reducing its weight. You can replace its weighty parts with light graphite, carbon, or aluminum parts and make its wheels and overall body lightweight. If you want to reduce the weight drastically without replacing other body parts, you should change its battery.

If you run your RC vehicle on NiCd or Ni-Mh battery packs, swap them with Li-Po batteries. These batteries are not only light, but they also increase the speed through better functioning and are considered ideal for high-end motors. Also, remember that while lightening up your vehicle can surely increase the speed, your car/truck might lose traction due to less pressure on tires.

Change the Gear

It is the cheapest way of improving your RC car or truck’s speed. You just need to replace the pinion or spur gear with a different size. Let us explain these two terms for beginners. The pinion is a small metal gear on the motor, whereas the spur gear is the large plastic gear. By changing the ratio of both of these things, the vehicle will be able to produce the maximum effect and will run faster than ever.

If you want a higher top speed, go for a smaller spur gear with fewer teeth and a larger pinion with more teeth. While you will get what you wanted by doing this, it will be at the cost of higher motor/ESC temperature and slower acceleration. On the other hand, if you want quicker acceleration and cooler running temperature, you should do its opposite – a larger spur gear with more teeth and smaller pinion with fewer teeth. It will make the speed slow, but your RC vehicle will be able to accelerate quickly.

Pick the Right Tires

If you use the most suitable tires, it will provide more grip and your vehicle will run faster. If you mostly race on dry tarmac and road surfaces, go for slick or badly worn tires. For wet mud or grass, full spikes are perfect. On carpet and clay, mini pins work excellently, whereas for dusty, off-road surfaces, pin tires do the job perfectly.Moreover, the diameter of the tires also plays a significant role in speeding up your RC vehicle. You can go for larger diameter tires, but they might provide slower acceleration and higher motor/ESC temperature. It is the same result as when you change the gear for getting top speed.

By Mark Briggs from rc judge on finding the top remote control trucks.

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