Thermal oxidizers

A thermal oxidizer by Adwest Technologies, Inc. — an air pollution-control supply company that is now a member of CECO Environmental — is to prove itself to be one of the most energy-efficient devices ever invented by man.

Marketed as the Flameless RETOX RTO thermal oxidizer, it has been made continuously since 1988 and over 800 of them have been sold all around the world. Its primary heat recovery — the kind of heat recovery that is accomplished by using a heat recovery coil to take the heat out of the warmed water cooling return line — runs 97 percent, an energy efficiency that few, if any, other systems can rival.

Adwest is combining two operations — their Flameless operation and their Nitrogen Oxide Free Gas Injection operation — into something that uses as much as 50 percent less RETOX RTO (regenerative thermal oxidizer) natural gas than the more conventional fuels used in combustion air blowers and other gasoline-using instruments. (An RTO is a way of industrial treating exhaust air by using ceramics to absorb the heat from it, which is then used to destroy the pollutants it contains by treating the stream of process gas that comes in.) A five-year “poppet warranty” is provided for this thermal oxidizer.

Adwest has its headquarters in Anaheim, California.

Article by Adwest team

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