There’s a robot in my warehouse!

Automatization is a nightmare of every blue-collar worker, because we are all still wondering: Are robots about to make human labor obsolete in the work field?

The advances in robotics have taken noticeable strides during the last few decades in a manner that paints a picture of a coveted future from science fiction movies. The most obvious practical application of these ever-evolving units can be seen in e-commerce warehouses.

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves – why is this phenomenon so prevalent in that particular field?

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It’s all about the speed

Efficiency is the first thing that comes to mind. As of 2015, it is estimated that over 3.2 billion people have access to the Internet. It is only natural to assume that e-commerce will flourish. To satisfy the ever-growing demand for goods and make the delivery system more streamlined, the upper management has to rely on every helpful aspect of the emerging technology.

Time is a precious commodity in the 21st century. Every industry, and especially e-commerce, has to go to great lengths to keep their customers satisfied. Time-crunch has turned into such a frantic, dizzyingly accelerating loop, so that the stress levels of an average worker in the warehouse have hit the boiling point. Introducing robots to this work environment was not due to a forthcoming fad, it was a necessary step.

Safety is the new obsession

Of course, there is an issue of psychological and physical safety. Robots are mostly taking over repetitive, mechanized jobs that come with a certain extent of workplace hazards. The human touch is something that will always be sought after – maintenance of these little electronic helpers and safety in the workplace become the credo on the enormous warehouse battlefield.

Some are robots, some are mechanized tools

Robots are not the only “mechanized beasts” that contribute to the development of the workspace. Various kinds of machinery can make the job immensely easier (and not to mention safer). That’s why ewp (elevated work platforms) are some of the most secure ways for workers to reach significantly elevated places without the arduous ladder climbing.

Finding the right model from a reliable manufacturer can mean all the difference within the narrow space between the towering shelves in both interior and exterior environment. For example,  Genie® rough terrain scissor lifts, are designed to allow better workspace leeway coupled with the possibility to carry larger loads and more workers.

The new frontier

Using robots and mechanized tools is not only a precious time-saver in an environment with hectic workflow, but the engineers of such helpful tools are always working on the design updates that will improve every aspect of the workplace experience.

Therefore, finding the solutions that will make the e-commerce business more satisfying has become an industry itself. It’s all about the great race to catch up with the rapid growth of technology.

We live in critical times, teetering on the verge of a new industrial revolution. What has, for a long time, been a part of speculative fiction is now a reality. Robots are slowly becoming integrated in various aspects of industry; nowhere is this more noticeable than in the e-commerce field.

However, the dystopian fears can be put to rest for now, because it often happens that reality turns out to be stranger than fiction. Rather than replacing humans in the work field, robots and blue collar workers will have to work together to create an innovative work process.

Once you take all of the above into account, the reality paints an unexpected picture of the future that has become our present. What the future has in store for us becomes anyone’s guess.

By Diana Smith

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