The Worlds First Fully RFID Blocking Wood Wallet

The Futur Wallet is truly the worlds first fully RFID blocking wood wallet. Whats more is that is also comes in carbon fiber and aluminum. Founded by brother-sister duo in 2015, the Futur Wallet seamlessly meshes beautiful design, extreme functionality, and safety all into one well crafted wallet.
Image source kickstarter
Designed in-house by engineering student, Amir Sigari, no detail was left unnoticed. The carbon fiber and aluminum versions feature a seamless unibody, hiding all screws out of site. This could only be accomplished through an advanced manufacturing and assembly technique which requires each wallet to be assembled by a trained craftsman.
Another feature, if not the most important, is the Futur Wallets slim form factor. No longer are the days where you have to sit on your bulky, leather wallet. The Futur Wallets minimal form factor was specifically designed to be carried in your front pocket, putting an end to that ugly pocket bulge.
The Futur Wallet is available now on Kickstarter for preorder, you can visit to get your hands on one!
By Amir Sigari

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