The Wacky Chicken

The Wacky Chicken

The Wacky Chicken

You’ve never seen a chicken quite like this. We all know how to do the chicken dance however, have you ever seen a chicken dance, flap his wings, waddle about and sing at the same time? You probably haven’t until today!

The Wacky Chicken is the singing, dancing and walking chicken that’s sure to provide a chicken-wing bucket full of laughs and fun! A plucky clucker!

The Wacky Chicken is ready to sing, dance and perform for you whenever you like! Just grab the Wacky Chicken by his neck and he’ll squawk and cluck. Then, press on his wings and he’ll dance the chicken dance by flapping his wings and clucking in perfect melody and harmony with the tune of the chicken dance! A fun and unique gift There’s never been a gizzard as crazy and as memorable as the Wacky Chicken! Watch and laugh as he flaps his wings, moves his feet and clucks wildly all to the tune of the popular (and catchy) chicken dance song!

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