The truth about free product samples

Why the word free is used so much?

When I was studding about marketing I’ve found out that free is one of the most used words because it increases the number of sales dramatically.

You see everyone likes to find a good bargain. It makes us feel better because we find such a good deal. This is the reason why free is one of the most used words in marketing and sales.

But everything has a cost because it uses resources (money, time) so in realty free does not exists. When you see free read it as bonus or ask yourself what do I need to give back?

Back on Free Product Samples. How you can get one.

I get “free” product samples to write about them and publish my opinion on my blog. Gadgets club has almost 30000 per month, so if you have a popular blog you can get free samples.

Also you can get free products:

  • To test them. Many companies are looking for people’s to test their products and will let you keep the good after you tested it
  • If you win a contest. The contest are made to attract people attention to company’s products this is why they give away free stuff. If you want an example try Free Samples in UK
  • Give feedback. the company needs feedback from users. You will get free samples and you will have to give them back your opinions
  • If you offer viral marketing. The company needs viral marketing so they offer free samples in exchange of spreading the word. They may ask you to blog about their offer, or to post  it on forums, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hi5 and so on. You get the idea.
  • The free products are given to win your confidence. For some new products it is hard to make sales. So the companies are giving away free samples which allows you to test their products and come for more, with your wallet of course.
  • The product is a bonus. Example: you get a free laptop if you make a long term contract with an Internet provider.

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  1. The thing about free is that in reality nothing is really free. They give you those in hopes that you’ll one day buy them or tell your friend about it. But who can resist that?

  2. You are completely correct that nothing is free. Unless it has no value or purpose.

  3. There are so many promotional items which make you just jump through hoops. Not worth your time.

  4. Great stuff!! Free product sample really helpful for products marketing and it also really helpful for increasing the product’s sale. It is become a modern marketing trend.

    Best Regards,

  5. I completely agree with you. We must pay for everything, especially nowadays, when everyone is completely looking for his profits. No one wants to lose money that’s why this word free means nothing. I do not know if there are people today who believe in it. We all are pragmatic and not waiting for a free gift. But on the other hand, producers do net stop using this word in their ads, it means that some people still believe in it.

  6. This is really great! Free product sample really helpful for products marketing and it also really helpful for increasing the product’s sale.. Thanks!

  7. The easiest way to industry virally is usually to build a distinctive merchandise, preferably a downloadable electronic item that you just can present for No cost in your web site. As an example an informational e-book which is made up of links for your internet site.

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