The Top 5 PC Monitoring Software

If you own a business, manage or head a number of employees for a company’s division, or just have a lot of work and people accessing your home PC, you are definitely top candidate for those who need to get their hands on some good quality PC monitoring software. It may feel as though it is unnecessary but the truth remains, with so much happening in the tech world and universe of online programming, you really need to keep a couple of steps ahead of any possible problem and nick it in the bud.


But obviously, you can’t hope to do that alone. You will need the help of specialized computer monitoring software which can make life in this front a lot easier for you. A variety of these can be found online for free, but let’s face it, if you want something which is effective and truly best of the best, you’ll have to invest some. So once you’ve made up your mind to do so, here are the top 5 programs that will give you everything you need to be a complete surveillance team on your own.

PC Pandora
This is a great choice for those who can’t handle too much technical. PC Pandora has a user interface which is smooth and easy to operate so just about anyone, or anyone you set the task to, can use it and keep an eye on what’s happening. The program allows you to run a free trial so you can see whether it’s the one for you or not and costs about 70 bucks for two separate licenses (for two systems). Major pros are that it gives you all data in screenshots and is well suited to resist hacking/tampering.

SniperSpy is perfect for that family PC or a system that parents may want to monitor their children on. The reason for this is that it installs onto the target system and then attaches itself onto a seemingly run of the mill program like Microsoft Word and begins monitoring while remaining undetectable. It costs 80 bucks but has a lot of great features to offer like keylogger configuration, allows remote surveillance and is compatible with all the major browsers.

This one is fairly on the rise and considered to be the best by many of the year. It’s an easy to use program with very high ratings for controlling content that children should not be able to access ad has pretty much all the feature all other parental monitoring software are offering. It also gives a free trial and costs $97 for a basic license. Its key features are that it acts as a keylogger, provides screenshots, and can pretty much access software over any internet connection.

Spytech SpyAgent
This software is highly recommendable for those using monitoring for security as well as administrative purposes. This is because it can be installed as a regular program as well as in stealth mode which makes it undetectable by anti-spyware programs. Its major pros would have to be that it can monitor all major internet messaging chat clients and it allows for keyword filtering and blocking. You can get it for the market price which is $70.

Net Nanny
This is the cheapest one of all available at around 40 bucks for a single system license. It’s also one of the oldest and well known computer monitoring software especially preferred by parents. Its key feature is real time content analysis, which means that as information appears on the net, the program filters it after deeming it fit or not. Other than that, it also is resistant to hacking, flags questionable instant messaging conversations, and allows remote configuration.

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