The Top 5 Most Desirable Careers for Computer Science Majors

According to the Princeton Review, computer science is currently one of the best majors, and for good reason. Despite the bad economy, those with computer science majors can still expect to have good job prospects. Here are the top five most desirable careers for computer science majors.

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Software Engineer

As computers become more prevalent in our lives, the need for advanced software increases. Software engineers use math, engineering, and, of course, computer science to create software. These professionals use their skills to design and develop software, and they fix any issues they find after testing the software, and specializing in networking is sometimes part of the job, so for more information on a NJIT masters in networking online, go to

If you engineer software for computer applications, you can expect to make about %87,000 per year. However, if you’re a computer systems software engineer, you will probably make around $95,000 each year.

Computer Hardware Engineer

While software engineers create software, computer hardware engineers create hardware, such as keyboards, printers, mouses, modems, computer chips, boards, and more. These professionals are basically electronic engineers, except they’re specialized in computers.

Computer hardware engineers solve difficult problems daily, and by doing so, they are the ones who are responsible for speedy improvements in the field of computer technology.

Generally, as a computer hardware engineer, you will earn about $100,0000 per year.

Computer Programmer

The job of the computer programmer is to write code in order to make software programs. They use the designs of software made by the engineers and developers to write code that computers will be able to interpret. Sometimes the work of a software developer may overlap with the work of a computer programmer. For example, the computer programmer may have a hand in designing the software.

Once the code is done, the computer programmers must then test the program and do debugging to ensure it works properly. Debugging is when the computer programmers check the code to look for mistakes that are causing the program to function incorrectly.

The yearly salary of a computer programmer tends to hover around $70,000 per year, or $34 per hour.

Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who develop applications for the Internet and web browser. Many types of organizations need the help of a web developer, such as the government and large corporations. Many web developers also choose to freelance their services while others choose to work as contractors for employment agencies. For most projects, web developers need to know JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and they also need to know how to code in a few server-side frameworks like Java, Python, and Ruby.

Web developers, on average, earn about $75,000 per year, which comes out to $36 an hour.

Software Developer

Software developers use their creativity and their keen ability to identify the needs of consumers to design software. Some software developers design applications, while others design systems that run on networks or devices, such as operating systems. The design made by the software developer is then used by the computer programmer.

Software developers earn about $90,000 per year, or $43 per hour.

As you can see, there are plenty of desirable and well-paying professions for those with computer science majors, but the five above careers are often considered the best ones.

Article by Hannah Whittenly

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