The Special Functions of Digital Cameras

Special function is a very abstract concept. For one digital camera, if it does not have one or two advantages, then it won’t attract many users. And these advantages are special functions of digital cameras.


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Many FUJI digital cameras declare that they have 1/1.7 inches super CCD. It really has become a selling point of FUJI digital cameras. While the 4 Generation super CCD HR is more powerful than ever. It has taken a big step on the aspect of image sensor miniaturization and can integrate 6630000 pixels in all on a 1/1.7 inches chip. The digital cameras equipped with such image sensors can generate 12300000 recording pixels, so their output images have extremely high resolution.


The special features of Canon digital cameras should be their DIGIC and iSPA techniques. Canon Company has introduced a new technology in digital cameras–DIGIC technique. Specifically speaking, it is a large-scale integrated circuit chip, curing to the main board part of digital cameras. It is used to complete digital image compression, display, storage and other functions. Although its position is a special image processing chip, it plays a very important role, just like the brain of image processing.


A lot of lenses of Nikon digital cameras can rotate. This brings much convenient when shooting from different angle and when users view LCD pictures.


Most of the Sony digital cameras have the functions of shooting “MPEG Movie VX” which can record videos in 640X480 resolution without time limitation.

Besides, the “Zeiss lens” owned by Sony cameras is also a selling point. Zeiss lens is Carl Zeiss. Zeiss is a German company which is devoted to application research and has contributions to the high quality product development, manufacturing, sales of optical, glass technology, precision technology and electronics. From 1846, Carl Zeiss has set up workshops to produce microscope.

In addition, there are some "special features" are borrowed from each other by many brands of digital cameras. For example the rotary LCD of Canon G series, and the long zoom of Olympus C7 series. The more common one is the Print Bridge technology in the digital cameras, which can be directly connected to a printer for photo and picture printing. Many people complicated that the photos are mistakenly deleted because their improper operation when printing photos. Now you can learn how to recover lost photos from digital cameras if you still have such troubles.

By Kim Guo

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