The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer’s Workspace

With its challenges and rewards, a career in software engineering is a field many of its practitioners are passionate about. Here are just five essential elements to keeping the flame alive as your career in software engineering takes off. 
1. Good Reference Materials


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Even though software engineers are often already incredibly knowledgeable about their field, it can be a great idea to maintain a reference library with information to brush up on key coding languages and other skill sets when you have a job in the field. Keeping a small shelf of books with relevant information can save time when you need to put extra work into a task and keep clients satisfied.

2. Comfortable Surroundings

The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer's Workspace - surroundings

As a career, software engineering can often be stressful, with good concentration skills being a must to getting through assignments. And having strain on eyesight is something that can make a tough job feel frustrating. Having a comfortable office with good lighting can help make the working day easier. Track lights and dimming programs for computer screens are particularly useful for maintaining an environment that doesn’t hurt your eyes while you work.

3. A Good Chair

The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer's Workspace - Office Chair

Software engineers will spend much of their time sitting to get their work done, so a chair that can provide comfort for a long time is quite essential to a good work flow

4. Challenging Books

The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer's Workspace - textbooks

As a general rule, staying on top of the game of new coding languages and programs is a fantastic way to develop a career as a software engineer. Technology is always changing, and engineers who can keep up with the dynamic environment of the field will always have the edge on their career. A recent article in TechCrunch, for example, discusses why maintaining a lead in software engineering is a great idea.

5. A Motto

The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer's Workspace - motto

While it’s a simple enough idea, keeping a motto at one’s desk is a great way to keep going when times are tough and problems are mounting up. President Harry Truman famously had a sign on his desk that read, "The Buck Stops Here" to remind him to take responsibility for what went on in his administration. By remembering to go the extra mile, we can often be at our best.

6. Plenty of Desk Space

The Six Essential Elements of a Software Engineer's Workspace - desk

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There is a lot of material that a software engineer needs to have ready access to at all times. Often tricky algorithms, or application designs will require a paper and pencil to complete. Having the ability to draw out visually the puzzles of computer programs is very useful, so a desk that can accommodate helps computer work a ton. There’s a few businesses, including this online company, that strive to provide utility focused furniture for computer software engineers.

For these reasons, having the right workspace can be a wonderful aspect of being a software engineer. With the right tools, a successful career can be developed hand in hand with satisfying work.

By Hannah Whittenly

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