The simplest gadgets can bring a lot of confort

The simplest gadgets can bring a lot of confort?

Not all gadgets are hi tech and cool. Some are incredible simple, so simple we don’t even see them as gadgets.

Gadgets are small devices meant to improve our life. The Teak Shower Stool does just that. It is not cool, fancy, expensive and eye catching but is very practical.


The Teak Shower Stool is a comfortable smooth, teak wood seat that is vented to help prevent soap and water build-up.

The triangular shape fits compactly into a shower stall corner or tub.

This shower chair features four adjustable legs made of powder-coated aluminum, to accommodate a variety of user heights. Simple but smart. Isn’t it? Also each leg is equipped with large rubber tips to reduce the possibility of the seat slipping while in use.

The Teak Shower Stool is made from high-quality teak wood that is renowned for its durability and weathering properties, as well as, its attractive appearance.

This shower chair can be used outside the shower as well: it can hold your robe while you are the shower, or extra folded towels.

Like I said a simple and smart gadget which bring a lot of comfort for you and your family.

The gadget price? $69.95 for the Teak Shower Stool.

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