The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – Because Sometimes Size Doesn't Matter

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is very much a little brother of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It takes the features, functionality and look of the S3, and reduces the size as well as the price tag. It’s certainly an appealing phone for those that love the Galaxy S3, but are put off by either the price tag or the size.

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Does this phone lose out significantly by the reduced size, or does it match the S3 on performance and usability? Let’s take a look at the features, the good and the bad, and come up with a conclusion.

The features

The phone comes with a 1 Gigahertz, dual core processor that does a really good job of keeping the phone speedy. You can purchase with either 8 Gigabytes or 16 Gigabytes of internal memory and there is the massive benefit of being able to expand the memory through a micro SD card. It runs Android Jelly Bean operating system and has a 4 inch trademark super AMOLED Samsung display.

The 5 megapixel camera has auto focus and captures videos at 720P. It weighs about the same as the iPhone 5 at 112 grams and comes in at 9.9 mm in thickness.

The good

The camera is a great reflection of the S3. It loses very little. It has a superb lens that facilities clear, crisp and vibrant pictures. It is well constructed and feels premium in the hand. It looks good, dinky and cute, whilst also giving off a professional appearance. It runs the latest Android Jelly Bean, and is fast, responsive, and overall a terrific user experience.

The bad

The screen perhaps isn’t as exciting as many of the other phones in the industry. With any phone that tries to keep the price tag down, there is some give and take and the screen appears to be where the phone takes. In addition, the video recording leaves a little to be desired with somewhat grainy pictures in the recording at times.

The conclusion

The phone perhaps doesn’t match up to the reputation of the S3. There is a bit more take than you would like to see from such a phone. However, for the price tag, it represents great value and is certainly a terrific little handset that provides users with a great journey through Android Jelly Bean. Samsung have targeted a slightly different niche with this phone, and those looking for a Samsung Android phone that’s a bit smaller, will find in this phone a definite possibility. It is a great business phone for companies that want something less flash and in-your-face than the Galaxy 3 or 4. It certainly is usable with one hand and is an exciting alternative to many of the bigger phones on the market.

Samsung have had an incredible few years. In 2012, they became the largest manufacturer in the world by volume, overtaking Nokia. They produced some terrific phones at the top end including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2. They have also done very well throughout the price levels with budget, mid-range, and premium phones selling incredibly well. This phone is a superb addition to their range, and certainly will have its takers.

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