The Role of Social Media in Summer Music Festivals

Music festivals have been attracting thousands of music fans every summer. According to a survey by CNBC, the biggest ones are in Europe, where people actually look like going on an annual pilgrimage to where their favorite performers are.


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Social media plays a huge role in these music festivals. In fact, they can turn the entire experience – before, during, and after – into something they can share.

Social media for event organizers

Since social media is about bringing people together, why not use it as a tool to bring people together for your event? Many successful event organizers attest that using social networks is one of the best ways to promote any festival, small or large. The trick? Using social content to bring people together before, during, and after the festival.

Reaching out to fans

The first step before launching any social media campaign is to determine what your show’s biggest draw is. Is it a celebrity appearance? A big-name band? After figuring out what your draw is, focus your Facebook page, Twitter stream or any other social media tactic on it. Your outreach should focus on driving awareness to a large group of fans – and encouraging these fans to spread the word.

Check-in apps

Don’t forget to add a mobile check-in app like Foursquare to drive buzz during your event. A large number of check-ins would encourage your audience’s friends want to be there, too. You can also create pre-event check-in spots. An idea is to give potential badges or prized for festival-goers who check in the most.

Keep the excitement alive

Your campaign may probably include social contests, videos, mobile check-in services and other strategies to keep the excitement alive before the event happens. Normally, the main objective of this outreach is to get your tickets sold out. But even after the RSVP lists are filled up, don’t go dark. Instead, continue your social media campaigns until the day itself – and keep them going until after the event.

Host a virtual booth

During the festival, host a virtual booth on the music festival’s Facebook page. This give festival-goers with access to smartphones all the info they need while at the show. The idea is to deliver practical information real time. In addition, offer live streaming on your social media channels for those who can’t make it to the event.

Social media for festival-goers

Social media helps festival goers heighten their experience and share memorable moments to your friends, especially those friends at home.

Check your social networks

Event organizers use social media to promote the music event. As a festival goer, you can get more information by following their tweets and updates on Facebook. Sometimes, you can even get discounts or prizes for just liking their page.


To keep track of what people are watching, singing, or talking about at the festivals, use hashtags to pull up these information. Hashtags are used on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and now – Facebook.

Spread the word

Share the contests, music, videos, games, and fun information about the entire event. This will encourage your friends to come along as well. The more the merrier, right? YouTube videos of the festival will also allow those who can’t make it to the festival enjoy the fun from afar.

Keep yourself updated

With so many things happening and so many people tweeting, you may have a tough time following everything going on. Using an integrated feed like MyLife helps you tackle FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. It has a mobile app that ensures you don’t miss a single detail on your social networks wherever you go.

What music festival are you attending this summer?

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