The Oculus Rift: The Next Big Thing in Horror Gaming?

For those of you who don’t know about the Rift, here is the skinny, the low down, the Big Picture. Oculus Rift is a headset, but not just any headset. This fancy looking piece of equipment is so impressive that mega social media giant, Facebook, bought the company that designed the Rift for a price upwards of two billion dollars, an astronomical price to pay for something that people wear on their heads. So, what does this thing do that makes it so special? It is possibly the worlds most advanced Virtual Reality gaming machine. Period. This headset will drop a user, instantaneously, into a digital virtual world.


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Now that everyone is on the same page as to what this technology is, let’s talk about what it can do for gaming, or more specifically, the horror genre of video games. Having recently played the spectacular PT on the PlayStation 4, the horror genre is about to get a major upgrade if the Rift can provide an experience even more terrifying than a home console. One of the games that is making the players scream louder than Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween is Don’t Let Go. In DLG players are subjected to a study of personal growth, as in, “How long can I make it through this game before I start to cry and scream like a little girl?” Yeah, that kinda growth.


Another horror game that promises to set the VR world on fire is Alone in the Rift. This game is a bit like the Slender Man games except it is based on progression, rather than note collecting. The game is creepy and scary with moments of absolute terror. This is one of those games that will cause a cold sweat to drip down your back on the darkest of nights. You start the game off alone in a forest with nothing but a flashlight, from this point forward you are alone in the rift..but are you?


And finally, the game that will have even the most stoutest of hearts grow faint is Dredhalls. This game is quite possibly utilizing the Oculus Rift in the most user friendly way. Dredhalls takes the player and places them in a dark and creepy dungeon. The user has no weapons; their only companion on this one-way trip is a small lantern. Unlucky for the player, the lantern can burn through its fuel, forcing the player to dive deeper into the tight hallways of the dungeon in search of fuel and an exit. Along the way are monsters that can…well, they can make you want to take off the Oculus Rift headset and swear very loudly. And when the player looks down, the screen displays a rough looking map that allows for the game to offer some cheap but effective scares when the player looks back up.

The horror genre has been lacking on the home console and PC market for the past few years. With the Oculus Rift, the game is changing. Details of the release for the Oculus Rift are scarce, but hopefully, we will all be screaming in delightful terror soon enough.

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By Aleksandar Smith

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