The Most Desirable Gadgets of 2015

Gadgets are everywhere now, especially around our homes. We all see things advertised on our televisions (which are amazing enough themselves) and instantly have that craving to spend the whole of our next pay packet on them because they look so cool…we can dream!!

The advancements in technology that we’ve witnessed over the past decade or so have been so astonishing that the items we’re using every day today were merely concepts ten years ago. While many of us can still only dream of buying them, others are earning and saving enough cash to afford them, showing them off to their friends at every opportunity – some even queue overnight to get them before anyone else!

While these are the lucky people the rest of us are left to pray for tax rebates or to play euromillions online to try and make enough money to buy the smallest or least expensive versions. One prime example is a piece of technology we’re likely to hear more about in the coming years – the smart watch.

Apple have been developing their first wearable piece of technology over the past five years if the rumours are to be believed and this April the Apple Watch hits stores at long last. Television adverts have been filled with images of the timepiece which incorporates everything great about the smartphone and tablets released by the tech giant so far – email, messaging, apps, calendars and so on – so we will have to wait and see if the device really does live up to the hype.

Let’s be honest, most things with the Apple logo on do pretty well and there has been plenty of development time, so it should be another success. Will it be as big as the iPhone or iPad? Time will tell (literally).

The DJI Inspire 1 drone is another of the most desirable items to hit the market in 2015. These devices which combine all of the qualities of remote controlled helicopters with cameras have enabled people to take their love for all things RC to a new level, and they can even take pictures of everything they see along the way for a unique perspective on proceedings.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are believed to be the biggest threat to Apple’s hold on the smartphone market. The Galaxy models have become contenders in recent years, becoming the second biggest seller after the iPhone range, but this is Samsung’s best ever chance to haul in – and even overhaul, Apple. With all new sleek designs and styling plus better usability and improvements made throughout the device it could be the biggest selling gadget of 2015 (unless the Apple Watch takes off!)

By Ryan

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