The Many Benefits Of CAD/CAM Software

When CAD/CAM software was first introduced, it was marketed as a tool for architects and engineers to use to design large structures. Over the years, various California software companies have been able to develop CAD/CAM software into a tool that is used by designers in a variety of industries. If you are a designer or your company utilizes design services, then there are several benefits to using CAD/CAM software that you should be aware of.


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Rotating 3D View

One of the more significant advances in CAD/CAM software over the past few years has been the addition of 3D views of whatever you are designing. This feature may not necessarily be useful to architects designing buildings, but it is very helpful when designing parts and full systems. A designer can see their creation at any angle and in 3D to help get a comprehensive understanding of how the design looks, and how the parts in a system work together.

See It In Action

With CAD/CAM software, you can use the software’s animation feature to watch your design in action. If you are creating a new type of engine, then this sort of feature is very helpful in allowing you to see which parts work together well, and which parts need to be replaced.

Adding Color

In this day and age, a computer program that can add color to a design may seem very basic. But it took a while for CAD/CAM software to allow for color enhancements, and the inclusion of color has expanded the functionality of the software significantly. Designers can now differentiate between the various parts in a system and each aspect of single parts by using color.

Put Two Parts Together

When designers create parts, it is always helpful to see how two parts fit and work together to make sure that the designs are compatible. Before the advancements to CAD/CAM software, the only way to see how two parts fit together was to work from expensive prototypes. Today’s CAD/CAM software allows a designer to see how two different parts would fit and work together, which allows the designer to make changes before expensive prototypes are built.

Architects, engineers and product designers utilize the latest versions of CAD/CAM software to generate creations that were not possible before. As this type of software continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how much more functionality it will offer to the professionals who use it.

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