The limited edition Nintendo Wii Black Console

Some people love black and if you are one of these black color lovers I have a good news for you if you enjoy playing games on Wii: now there is available Nintendo Wii Limited Edition Black Console.

Nintendo Wii Limited Edition Black Console

Comes with Wii Console, Wii Sports Resort with Motion Plus, Wii Sports and a controller with nunchuk in black.

Nintendo Wii Limited Edition Black Console main features:

  • Limited Edition Black Console
  • Uses motion-sensitive Controllers
  • Includes Wii Sports and Sports Resort
  • Includes Black Remote & Nunchuk
  • Includes Black MotionPlus

Pricing and availability info

Nintendo Wii Limited Edition Black Console is available for preorders at The price is £164.99.

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  1. I want it but I’ve spent too much money on my launch day wii (VC Downloads etc). If there was a way to transfer purchases I would strongly think about it because when the revoulution was previewed I loved the back design.

    Best Regards,

  2. Everyone can understand how to play, and everyone has fun playing… My father, who hates video games as a way of spending time and money thinks that the wii is great, and was like a little boy playing it.. (he’s 55). My mother even tried it out and enjoyed it. The wii, when used as its intended with you getting up and swinging the remote will give you a nice bit of exercise. in wii sports, (comes with the system), boxing tennis bowling and the various training and fitness tests that go along with the games can have you working up a sweat. zelda is great too, for the serious gamer. $250 is well worth the price, video games are fun again, and you can get everyone involved!

  3. This depends on what personal value it has. If it has no personal value at all then sell it or wait for a while untill you think it might be worth the most. However, if it has some personal value then its worth keeping, as i have seen them as cheap as $130, it might be worth keeping a few years untill demand for them increase or your care for this item depleates

  4. Why is Wii only available in white anyway? The bad thing about a black Wii is that the controllers available all year round are white. And obviously, that won’t go well with a black console.

  5. Nice feature with black console. but it’s a very costly.

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    I love it. It looks miles better in black. (As did the iPod imo, incidentally).


  7. This is a great post and its very creative indeed but if only you people would properly give cubefield a shot. Its a great game. Very addicitve and very entertaining to all age groups.

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