The iPhone 5S – what to expect?

Any new release from Apple is bound to attract its share of attention, and the upcoming iPhone 5S – which is due to be announced on September 10th – is certainly no exception. While you’re waiting for the device to hit stores like E2Save in the months to come, why not take a look at all the juiciest rumours and gossip right here!


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iOS 7

It’d be pretty strange if the iPhone 5S wasn’t designed to show off the iOS 7 to its fullest advantage, so that’s exactly what we expect to see. With a flatter, more functional new look and the quick-access Control Centre, it’s a significant shift from previous iterations of iOS. Features include a music app that syncs with your iCloud library, new commands for Siri and, intriguingly, in-car integration – at least, when manufacturers start producing compatible vehicles next year.


The 5S is expected to include a Super HD screen display and camera, and it’s been widely reported that it will have double the screen resolution of the iPhone 5, which would take the pixel count up to an eye-popping 1.5 million. Additionally, it’s been reported in the China Times that Apple has contracted Taiwanese developer Innolux to create a "Touch On Display" panel.


While the iPhone 5 already had a sapphire lens cover, Apple seems to be expanding on a theme with a convex sapphire home button (which prevents scratching) and – at least, according to unconfirmed rumours from Japan – a "champagne gold" colour option. Gold would be the easiest colour to anodise onto a phone, so don’t discount them – we soon could be toting the blingiest iPhones yet.


The expected 13MP camera will help Apple’s flagship phone keep pace with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, while rumours suggest it may also pack a dual LED flash. This would help it to take better-quality images indoors, as it compensates for the colour imbalance you normally see with indoor shots. Leaked shots of the 5S’s rear shell suggest that a dual flash is likely, given the twin LED slots.

By Jordan Peck

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