The History Of Slot Machines

The advancements in slots gaming technology may appear that slot machines are a recent invention but chance-based games are not new at all – they have been played for hundreds of years.  It is not known when the slot machine was first invented but they date back to the late 19th century in San Francisco.  Today, slot machines are some of the most popular games in the world.


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The Earliest Slot Machines

In 1887, Charles Fey created the first slot machine and this type of machine is still found in casino all over the world.  However, this game was not the first chance-based coin operated game.  Before slot machines, there were poker machines operated by coins and these machines allowed players to win free cigars, drinks, etc.  These early games had a single commonality – they paid players with some kind of merchandise.

Because of this, these games were referred to as trade stimulator games.  Fey’s slot machine was different from these games because it was designed to give players coin payouts but they were designated as offering merchandise in order to circumvent the gambling laws.  Fey’s first machine featured 3 reels and each reel had 10 symbols.  These symbols consisted of bells, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes and spades.  Players who were able to match 3 bell symbols won the jackpot or prize and as a result this game was called a bell machine.

The Slot Machine Revolution

In order to play the bell machine, a player would insert a coin and then pull the handle or arm.  This caused the reels on the machine to start spinning.  When these games were released, it became apparent that they would be incredibly popular.  Over 100 years since their invention, slot machines are still a favourite choice for most players although there have been some significant advancements over the years and modern slot machines now come in a wide selection of styles and types.

The original design used by Fey was the standard that all other slot machines were based on.  When slot machines were put in bars and other businesses, the jackpots were quite limited.  Early slots games then began to show up all over the United States despite the fact that they were illegal in most states.  In 1940, the first slot games were brought to Las Vegas when Bugsy Siegel added them to the Flamingo Casino.  Today these free pokies are played at every single online casino and they make up around 80% of the profits generated at many casinos.

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