The History Of Mobile Phones

Every year hundreds of millions of mobile phones are sold world wide. From Motorola beginnings (the original brick!), the mobile phone has developed into a billion dollar industry (and that’s without accounting for money spent on Apps!). Mobile phone technology has been one of the standout advancements in modern day society and has developed into a critical item used in everyday life. In fact, some people even use mobile phones as a way of defining parts who they are…#teamandroid.

From a useful tool to make communication easier, developments over the last fifty years have turned it into an all in one music player, alarm clock, portable games console, camera and of course a phone as well.

Take a tour through the ages and discover the evolution of mobile phones, from their origins in the 1970s to present models and the predicted technological advancements we can expect in the future. You’ll see how some of the world’s largest companies have grown into leaders in technology and how others are suffering from the Apple and Samsung revolution.

In a world of evolving technology we’re seeing longer lasting batteries that are smaller and quicker to charge, mobile networks that are delivering large amounts of data at a faster rate and technology firms that are at the forefront of developing the world as we know it.

Take a look into the history with this infographic from Protect Your Gadget:


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