The Hidden Functions of IPad

Since Apple Company has released its newest products iPad Air and iPad mini 2 recently, we can say that Apple products have become the most popular digital products. And iPad seems become a basic tool for each of us. But as an iPad user, are you really familiar with all the functions of your iPad? Actually, iPad still has lots of hidden functions. If you don’t know that, let’s read this article together. I’m sure you will benefit a lot from it.



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1. The hidden keyboard

The keyboard on iPad screen is not just what you see. For example: Pressing on a key for a little time, then it will provide additional character options; long press the comma button will bring a prime; the side Period button also can provide quotation marks. On the numeric keypad, hold pressing the quotation marks for one second, you will find the hidden quotation marks and other symbols. If you don’t know that, double clicking the space bar will help you insert a period mark.

2. Capture screen images

If you want to capture any picture on your iPad, just press the Power button and hit the home button, then you will the screen flicker and hear the shutter sound. Now the picture is saved into your Camera Roll. In the Camera Roll, you can click the arrow icon which is on the top right of the screen to send e-mail, print or copy pictures. You can also set the pictures as your wallpaper or send them to your friends.

3. Modify the located allocation

The benefit of iPad integrated with GPS and wireless is that, a large number of applications can provide location-based information. But it requires the application program to know where you are. In the “Settings > location services”, you can choose to allow the application to access to your position. Or if you don’t want others to know where you are, you can shut down all the position services.

4. The side custom switch

The simple design which is almost completely touch interface is one of its biggest characteristics of iPad. You have three hardware buttons in all: the Home button which is on the bottom of the screen, the volume adjusted button which is at the top right corner of the pad, and a custom switch which is on the top of the pad. This switch can be used as a mute control or screen orientation lock. It almost disabled the iPad accelerometer. Enter the “Settings > General”, and choose lock rotation or mute in the “use the side switch” option.

5. View and close the running applications

Multitasking management is a popular function of iOS system. However, once you open one application, it will keep running unless you manually turn it off. Double click the home button, then you can see the running programs. Hit on a program icon, then it will start flashing (as you are moving the icons on main screen.). Then click on the small red minus which is on the upper left corner of the icon, thus you can close the application.

6. Set password to protect your data

In the settings menu, you can set the iPad password. After all, a tablet computer is always taken with you at any time. Thus there will be a great chance to lose it. If there is no password oh your iPad, others will be full access to your email, web history, application etc.. You can do as this to set up a four number password: General > password lock > simple password. But it is better to cancel the simple password and use the keyboard to set the password.

As iPad gives people excellent movie watching experience, so many iPad users want to watch DVD movies on iPad. But we know that the iPad doesn’t have a DVD drive, so we can’t simply insert a DVD disc into it. While, although it is difficult, we still have other methods. if you also want to watch DVD movies on iPad, just read this DVD to iPad tutorial, then you can complete it easily!

By Kim Guo

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