The Growing Need for Mobile IT Skills

As organisations and people become more reliant on mobile tech devices and work more on the road it is becoming increasingly important for Information Technology professionals to be able to work with these devices. The fact that most firms want their people to be able to access databases and other datasets from anywhere means that there is also a lot of demand for cloud services. All of this extra demand means that there is a growing need for developers, network managers and other IT professionals who have the skills to work with these new mobile technologies.


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The lack of people with the right skills

Unfortunately, there is a growing skills gap in this area. Many of the people already working in the industry are fully employed in other areas, using the skills they learnt prior to the mobile technology boom. Most of the IT professionals who have just completed their studying and begun working in the industry have some understanding of mobile systems. However, they have very little experience of using those skills. On job boards that specialise in the Information Technology industry, such as the one at, the mobile IT jobs are the ones that take the longest to fill.

There is concern within the industry that demand will continue to outstrip the number of people with the right skills. While this is the case, mobile app developers, cloud specialists and network managers and developers who know how to build software and databases that can be accessed and updated from any location will be very much in demand. People with the right qualifications will continue to be able to command high salaries.

Keeping people with the right skills

Already, on average, these professionals are offered four or five jobs per year. This means that a firm that has managed to recruit someone with Java, Ruby on Rails or UX/UI experience is likely to struggle to hold on to that person. The fact that they can walk out of one job and directly into another one is a real headache for employers. They really have to look after their mobile IT team if they want to keep them. This includes making sure that there is plenty of scope for advancement, and also access to ongoing training.

The need to employ a bigger IT team

The development of increasingly sophisticated mobile hardware, software and apps has increased the expectations of the end users. They demand a fast and flawless service, and expect it to look good and be intuitive to use. All of this has been achieved, but it means that, these days, things are very complicated. It is now very rare to find someone who has the capacity to learn all of the skills necessary to take care of the back end, the databases, business logic and the front end. Each of these areas is far more complex than it once was which means employing a bigger team of specialist engineers and developers. Unfortunately, the increasing need for specialisation is only exacerbating the skills gap.

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