The Good, the Better, the Best Laptop in 2016

Every year, it is possible to see new laptops come out and take the market with their new and innovative specifications which can mesmerize people. However, it is not always the best to go with something that is brand new. Instead, it is best to let the hype cool down first, and to go with a trusted brand, or you might end up buying something that you could regret later on. With 2016 flowing steadily, new laptops have already entered the scene, and even now, it seems that the playfield is uneven. Nevertheless, be sure to check them out before you make your final purchase.


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A Strong Gaming Player

Gaming laptops have always been a special breed of laptops because they need to pack a lot of strength and durability in order to withstand the punishment from gamers all around the world. The Razer Blade Stealth is no exception, as it can pack a punch and power up almost any new-age game the user can throw at it. But, be aware that the price is quite something to think about. Though, on the other side, the configuration under the hood will surely last you a couple of years to come, no matter what the gaming industry comes up with.


Change the Parts of Your Laptop

While somewhat unorthodox, it is possible to change some of the parts in laptops, making them versatile and less prone to breaking down in the long run. The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s combines power and usability at a great price, and makes it a great choice for businessmen and gamers alike. Moreover, the option to change the signature Lenovo parts makes it a great opportunity to prolong the laptops life. On the other hand, changing will allow to upgrade your laptop, which means that you will not have to buy a new one every few years or so.


Make Use of Touch Technology

If you enjoy the usability of touchscreen technology but would rather have a laptop than a 2-in-1 tablet, then perhaps you should look into getting a Dell XPS 13. It is a fine example of what modern technology with traditional engineering can do. The laptop can really make a difference, especially that it is not as expensive as one might expect. The touch functionality will enable for faster and more precise presentations as well as a helping hand when going about your work. Though, expect the battery life to be somewhat shorter as the touch capability will drain it quite fast, if you are not close to a socket.

Buying a new laptop should never be done on a whim because you have to look into a lot of things which will help determine if the price is right and if the components included will be working after a few years as well. Moreover, the overall design will be a crucial factor as well, as nowadays it is also important to have a good-looking laptop. Gamers will of course prefer raw power of efficiency, which is why you should sit down and consider if a gaming laptop is worth investing in if you are not going to use all of its power. Then again, changing parts and upgradability is important if you like to improve your rig.

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