The gadgets that Bond would love

So much of science fiction eventually turns into science fact and there are now a raft of nifty gadgets on offer that would have been the stuff of dreams and story books not long ago. Some of these devices would be worthy of the gadget master himself James Bond. Here’s a roundup of just a handful of the intriguing products now available that would no doubt get the secret agent hot under his highly starched collar.

IR perimeter beams

No one takes security more seriously than this fictional favorite. It would only be fitting therefore for Bond to benefit from the very best in modern building security technology. Infrared perimeter beams such as those offered by Big Brother Systems can help home and business owners to detect intruders before they have even breached bricks and mortar. The systems consist of transmitters and receivers. These two components are installed opposite one another. If the invisible beam from the transmitter is interrupted, a warning signal kicks in.

To ensure that the alarms are not set off by neighborhood cats or any other unsuspecting creatures, the beams are set at waist height.

Recreational drones

Bond is no stranger to aerial stunts, but with the help of this next gadget, he can keep his feet on terra firma while benefiting from a bird’s eye view. Recreational drones are now available for tech enthusiasts around the world. A popular example is the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Controlled by tablets or smartphones, this quadricopter can be used both indoors and outside. It offers users over 30 minutes of flying time before it needs to be recharged and it features an in-built camera that provides live HD video streaming.

Heat without the hassle

Ian Fleming’s secret service agent may be accustomed to life and death situations, but he enjoys his relaxation time too. In winter, a roaring log fire would no doubt make the perfect addition to his luxurious lounge. However, it’s hard to imagine Bond shovelling ashes from a dusty grate or calling a chimney sweep to tackle troublesome creosote build-ups. This is why the Himalayan Heat Electric Fireplace Heater would come in handy. This nifty heater displays an attractive LED flame and it emits plenty of warmth, but it’s completely hassle free. You simply plug the item in and wait for it to warm your room up.

It’s the perfect product for people living in condos, lofts and apartments, and for those who don’t have enough time on their hands to build, light, stoke and clean real fires.

Music you can see

Even top spies have to switch off sometimes, and what better way to do it than in front of some Light Show Fountain Speakers? These innovative items let users see as well as hear their favorite tunes. The clear speaker tops are filled with water and they feature four multi-colored LEDs that create stunning visual effects. The water inside the speakers appears to dance to the beat, interacting with the light and creating entrancing patterns. The light display reflects on the ceiling too, adding to the impact. The products can create the perfect ambiance for a party or set the scene for some solo listening.

They look especially impressive in the dark and they can make a great addition to a desk or lounge area. The items plug into computers, iPods and mp3 players via a USB cable.

Of course, these are just some of the impressive gadgets now on offer. The fact is, Bond would be spoiled for choice when on the lookout for handy devices worthy of his debonair persona.

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