The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products

One of the main things that we each do without fail is charging our portable devices such as our smartphones. Charging is such an integral part of our lives and one of the major things that have changed over the years is the type of charging products that we use and also charging tech that’s used with the charging electronic products that we use. Another thing to consider is the battery size that is used with portable devices. Most battery sizes these days are growing and that’s because people want to be able to use their smartphone for a longer duration of time. With that said, with large batteries, it also means that it’s going to take a longer time to charge your devices.

With that said, that’s why there are two main powerful charging technologies that are being used quite a lot on the market now and they’re known as Quick Charge and USB-C Power Delivery. However, before I start talking about those two powerful charging technologies, let’s first go over some of the most useful charging electronics that you should definitely be using now.

USB Wall Chargers

The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products 1

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One of the most used types of charging electronics on the market is USB wall chargers. Wall chargers usually come with new devices that we purchase, and that would be with smartphones. Overall, the wall charger is an integral part to charging and that would be because they can not only charge our devices directly, but they’re also able to recharge portable chargers, power wireless chargers and they can have more charging ports than any other charging electronic.

For example, the charger you receive with your smartphone only comes with a single port, and that can be quite limiting. As a result, you can always find a wall charger that has more than a just single port. Anker, a brand that is quite popular within the charging electronic space is one that sells quite a few electronics and they’re wall chargers are absolutely killer. They have a 4-port wall charger, called the PowerPort 4. Each of the ports with that wall charger has a charge rate of 2.4A, which is very fast for standard charging devices. At the same time, Anker also has another line of wall chargers that are called PowerPort+.

PowerPort+ wall chargers are the ones that use fast charging tech and USB-C. As a result, they have a PowerPort+ 4 wall charger that uses Quick Charge 3.0 with a single of its four ports and that can be useful for those that own Quick Charge devices. Then there are USB charging stations.

USB charging stations are basically wall chargers that have lots more USB ports and so you’re able to charge many more devices at once. Aukey is another popular brand and they actually have a 6-port charging station which uses two Quick Charge ports along with other four ports, and as a result, you’re able to charge two Quick Charge devices at their max speed. Aukey even has a 10-port charging station that can be useful if you to want to have a central charging station for charging many devices at once.

Portable Chargers

The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products 2

If there’s one charging electronic that you should really consider purchasing it would be portable chargers. As they’re able to go with you anywhere and charge your devices. Power banks come in many different sizes and types. As there are ones that are large and heavy which use a heavy amount of power. Then there are ones that have lower capacities which are very easy to take everywhere.

Overall, they’re the perfect charging electronic to own, not only because they can charge your phone while you’re on the move. No, portable chargers have moved far beyond just being able to charge your phone and instead, they’re also able to charge larger devices such laptops too. That’s because there are quite a lot of great portable chargers that are now using USB-C Power Delivery and there are also some that are using AC outlets that you can use to the plugin in a laptop charger or power small appliances too.

Car Chargers

The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products 3

Car charging may not seem like the most useful charging electronic that you can use, but they’re more useful than many people think. That’s because you’re able to charge your phone while charging and even though that might sound simple, it’s something that can be useful as we use our smartphones quite a lot throughout the day. So when it’s time to hop in your car when you’re not using your phone, it’s a perfect time to recharge it.

Another reason to use a car charger is that if you’re going to a new location then you’re likely going to use your smartphone along with a navigation app such as Google Maps. Applications like those use up a lot of power and that can be a bad thing if you’re not using a car charger as they can potentially drain your smartphone of power and that can result in your phone dying and you being lost in a location that you don’t know.

Fast Charging Tech

At the beginning of this article, we explained how many smartphones are starting to use larger batteries and that results in a longer use of them. At the same time, it also means that you have to wait longer for them to charge to full power. This brings us to the two most useful power charging technologies on the market.

The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products 4

They’re known as Quick Charge and Power Delivery. Quick Charge is a more well-known charging technology and that’s because many flagship smartphones use the charging tech. It’s a widely used charging technology that’s present with a lot of Android smartphones because many of them use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Overall, Quick Charge is a very useful charging tech that increases Voltage and basically makes the charging rate of your device constant.

The Future of Charging Tech and the Best Charging Electronic Products 5

However, Quick Charge can’t exactly be universal and that’s because it uses Qualcomm’s tech and many brands would have to pay to have their tech implemented with their products. That’s why USB-C Power Delivery is becoming more of the standard for our devices. USB-C is the new standard of charging and Power Delivery is basically a charging tech that’s able to output lots more power for both smaller and larger devices too.

There are smartphones that use Power Delivery such as the Google Pixel 2 and Essential Phone; even the new iPhone X and the iPhone 8 use Power Delivery and that can be done with a USB-C to Lighting charging cable along with a PD USB-C wall charger. Larger devices such as the new MacBook models that use USB-C and also Chromebooks that use USB-C are also able to make use of Power Delivery. So you’re able to use the same USB-C PD charger to recharge your smartphone as well as your laptop.

Power Delivery is making charging for all your devices possible with just a single wall charger.

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