The Future Is Here: 5 Technology Advances To Blow Your Mind

Every day, a new insane advance seems to signal the future is here. While the future seems to have no limits, here are the five advances that blow our minds.

The Future Is Here- 5 Technology Advances To Blow Your Mind

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3D Printers

3D printers produce 3D products from bike parts to wrenches. The printers have quickly advanced in the last few years and printers are becoming more affordable all the time. 3D printers may one day solve world hunger. Scientists have now unraveled how to print edible products like algae and meat. If these efforts are scaled up, they could feed whole countries! Right now they are working on prototypes to present to the general public.

Exoplanet Cloud Maps

Recently, an international team of scientists announced they had created a cloud map for the exoplanet Kepler 7B. Scientists compiled three years worth of data to map the gas planet’s atmosphere. Forty years ago, not many of us would have guessed telescopes would become so powerful they could image planets 1000 light-years away!

Your Own Cyber Butler

That cell phone app that unlocked your car was only the beginning. Use your cell phone as a cyber butler. Your virtual home security guard comes in the form of home security systems, with inexpensive electronic sensors monitoring even your doors and windows. Vivint home automation brings this utopia of tomorrow to you through video surveillance, severe weather warnings, and a free app to monitor your home.

Needle-less Injections

It’s not hard to be afraid of needles. Thankfully, we may not have to worry about that much longer. How did they do it? Through a microscopic tube, a powerful magnet jets medicine towards the skin. Scientists say that in future versions you can program the depth of the injection. Someday, the doctor will say “you won’t feel a thing”, and mean it.

This could end up saving money for hospitals and doctors who have to stay stocked up on needles. Not to mention being helpful to all those suffering from needle anxiety.

Dissecting Microscopes

With dissecting microscopes you can view cells in three dimensions. While the microscopes in high school only lit the subject from above, dissecting microscopes illuminate the specimen from above and below. Some computers can enhance the image to provide even more detailed 3D topography of the specimen. Not only that, but the fluorescent dyes used makes everything look like Tron.

This is a great push forward for medical researchers. By having the ability to really see what is happening, we are better able to access the situation and work with new bacteria. There are also great applications in the educational field.

The future is here, and we couldn’t be having more fun. If the past is any indication, these five advances are only the beginning. Other technologies, from ideas we are already seeing come to life such as self driving cars to future ideas like mile-high buildings, the future is here and there are many new ideas that will be unfolding around us. If your mind isn’t blown yet, just wait for it.

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