The Four Most Highly Anticipated Gadgets of 2013

It’s no secret that technology is advancing faster than many of us can keep up with it. It seems every week there’s a new smart phone or tablet making headlines. Many of these new devices are simply small upgrades to older models, advertised as the hot new thing. 2013 is going to have some groundbreaking new gadgets that will change your life while running on incredibly fast wireless Internet. From crazy new phones to the next generation gaming devices, 2013 will no doubt be full of awesome advances in next generation technology. Check out these gadgets that are expected to hit shelves this year.


Project Glass

Google’s Project Glass is going to be a gadget that revolutionizes the way you go about your day. It’s not a new smart phone or tablet, instead it’s an augmented reality device that includes a ton of different features. The Project Glass prototype resembles a pair of normal eyeglasses, and are worn as such. The glasses will have features similar to that of a smart phone, although the full features are still in development. The glasses will likely be able to give directions, schedule appointments, and do other things like make calls. Developers are said to be getting their hands on a prototype soon, meaning we could see a launch of Project Glass before the end of 2013.

Kindle Phone

Talk of an Amazon Kindle smart phone has been growing, and it’s possible that a model could be released in 2013. The Amazon Kindle Fire revolutionized the tablet world with its low price, and expect the company to try and do the same with a smart phone. It will likely contain a heavily modified version of the Android operating system. Amazon is expected to have a mobile device coming out soon, and it looks like the Kindle could be that mobile device.

Xbox 720

The Xbox 360 has been out for almost seven years, which is by far the longest time between video game console generations. Signs are pointing to the next generation of video game consoles coming out later this year, and it looks like the new Xbox will be a leader of the pack. While the official name of the device is yet to be announced, the Xbox 720 could have some insane features that gamers will love. You may be able to wireless charge your controllers, and the processor will be able to handle incredible graphics that make gaming come to life even more. It could take Xbox Kinect technology to the next level, by using the entire room as a game screen. Microsoft has hinted at this with their IllumniRoom technology, so it’s now a waiting game to see what kind of features the new Xbox will have.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

The iPad Mini did for the iPad what the iPod Mini did for the iPod; it made the device more affordable and able to be in the hands of more consumers. One thing the popular iPad Mini lacked however was the popular Retina display that graces iPhones and large iPads. The Retina display is the nicest of its kind, and expect it to be installed in iPad Minis in the next few months.

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  1. I am most excited about the google glasses and am waiting for an ipad mini which is not based on the iPad2. If the amazon phone is revolutionary it could be a game, however most (mozilla, android, blackberry 10) are based on the iPhone. There has also been some interest rumors about the iWatch which is intriguing too.

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